Blackhawk Ball Backwards NOT

  • The ball indication in the primary flight control display is working backwards, it moves in the opposite direction to the balance indicator in the secondary flight display. The secondary display is correct. The primary display seems to correctly indicate a simple unballanced rolled attitude but moves in the wrong direction in response to a yaw and to imbalance in ordinary flight. The effect was confirmed by comparison with the same function in the other two Aerofly helicopters.

    The mechanical ball in the spirit filled glass U tube Ball Instrument is not working in the current state of the Blackhawk sim. This is an important instrument and should function in all of the Aerofly aircraft.

    Here left torque pedal has been applied, the instruments should suggest right pedal input to correct, the secondary flight display is correct.

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  • Don’t worry too much. I got it wrong on the Hornet speed tape recently as well. As long as the posts are polite and aimed at improving the Sim it should be OK. And I like the update very much as well. Landing at the lawn of the White House was great fun and the detail is inredible!

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