My first Bug Report

  • Hi there,

    just a few days ago I got myself Aerofly FS 4. Now I'm baffled, how solid the default Airliners are.

    Whoever programmed them, did a fantastic job. I never had such a good experience flying default airliners -

    neither in XP nor in MFS. Here comes my first report:


    Issues with the plane configuration when setting the "Location" to "take off":

    1. LNAV & VNAV are not armed.

    2. CRZ ALT, which had been chosen on the "Navigation" screen, is not set - neither in the FMC nor in the MCP Panel.

    Bug: The T/C is moving on the PFD when changing the MCP ALT. Compare the following two images:

    Possible Bug: During descend "VNAV SPD" can occur in conjunction with the thrust mode "SPD".

    As far as I'm concerned either pitch or thrust should control the speed, but not both at a time.

    FMC Issue: The DESC Page is empty.

    This is a bit of a petty since the other two pages are filled with information.

    Issue: Indication "Flap 0" does not vanish.

    General Issues:

    Changing ACCEL and THRUST REDUCTION HEIGHT has no effect:

    VNAV should not bug up the speed beyond V2+20 until reaching the ACCEL HEIGHT.

    TO thrust should not switch over to CLB thrust until reaching the THRUST REDUCTION HEIGHT.

    PFD Glitch, see Wind Indication

    VOR Tuning

    The plane-internal auto-tuning always tunes in
    one and the same VOR for both VOR 1 and VOR 2.

    Clicking on the question mark within the "Navigation" Screen does nothing.

    That's it for now. I can only encourage you to further refine the default planes.

    Their high quality stands out!

  • Mr_Smith

    Changed the title of the thread from “1. Bug Report” to “My first Bug Report”.