High resolution images for scenery

  • Thanks to everyone who has been creating content for Aerofly RC! In particular, thanks to P. Dürr and JP Aria for their work.

    I had a question about scenery. Is it possible to use very high resolution images for the scenery? Many of the current scenes look fantastic, but as I fly towards to the horizon, they start to blur as the camera zooms in. This is expected of course, but I wondered whether higher resolution scenery files might help here? I know that in 2010, computers would have struggled with these images, but perhaps at 2020 computer could handle it?

    Also, can I covert scenery files for RC7 directly to RC 8/9 - or do I need the original source files for the scenery in order to make the RC8/9 files?

  • hi Owllen

    Support recommends a resolution of 16384 x 8192 px. That's what my camera does natively.

    I have never tried bigger.

    For the conversion, currently, you have to go through the support by sending them your sources (image, mqo) by email.