FS 2 - No Open Street Map Data No Buildings in Cultivation - Solved

  • First image cultivation buildings made with standard OSM data in ScenProc

    Second image buildings added using new process.

    Part of the new process uses the latest version of JOSM 18822 with the plugin MapWithAI however it is limited to small areas of use, I have only been able to work with AeroScenery size map_14 tiles as anything bigger results in a download server error.

    Best wishes, Michael :)

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  •                                                                                JOSM BUIDING FOOTPRINTS

    Building objects using plugin MapWithAI in JOSM.

    Download latest version of JOSM stable currently 18822.

    Open it and the start page looks like this:

    Click on Edit top tool bar then select Preferences.

    Then select plugins and look for MapWithAI and select.

    Then from the start page select File then Download Data you should then see this map:

    Do not select a big area as it will be rejected by the server.

    Example of area in Glastonbury UK selected for download shown above.

    Data downloaded and shows like this:

    From the top tool bar select Imagery then select Bing it should now look like this:

    Over on the right side right click on the MapWithAI and change the name to Glastonbury as an example.

    Then repeat the download steps until you have completed your town, city etc. Then go to File then select Save As and it will save as an osm type file for processing in ScenProc.

    UPDATE 23/09/2023

    You can also manually add missing buildings. You need to download an additional plugin called : buildings_tools version 36134.

    This will then show on the left tool bar as a building block. Select and using the keyboard shift key you can draw a red box around your wanted building.

    Then from the top tool bar click on Mode and choose Select Mode. Use your left mouse button to select the new building you have drawn.

    Then from the right hand area in JOSM press +ADD and in the KEY and VALUE boxes add the following:

    KEY      VALUE
    building yes
    building:levels add value eg: 3

    Your boxed building will now show in pink.

    You can rename the file and download as an osm file for processing in ScenProc as normal.

    Best wishes, Michael :)

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  • More experimentation on the Island of Gozo that has virtually no OSM data. I have used my new system to generate buildings and also made new building textures to depict the type of flat roof buildings seen on the island. Early days but its looking quite good so far.

    Best wishes, Michael :)

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