Wie realistisch würd Aerofly FS Flight Simulator

  • Ich mag den Aerofly FS Flight Simulator sehr .Wann werden Straßen richtig zu erkennen sein und werden auch auf Gleise Züge zusehen sein und Autos auf den Straßen fahren und werden auch Gleise zu sehen sein ?. Das ist was fehlt in Aerofly FS Flight Simulator. :):):):)

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  • It will be the same as asking when the roads will be properly recognizable in Google Maps and Bing Maps, etc. In other words, the roads in AFS4 are completely realistic - in contrast to the "artificial lines" in MSFS2020. :thumbup:

    That's right, they are recognizable as long as the photo textures are in HD, L14 at least, and with a resolution of 60 cm pixel

    Concerning MSFS, there has been progress since then, and by a former author who was once here. Ray (Taburet) ;)

    simMarket: CANADA ROADS MSFS
    The function of this scenery is to modified the roads with new asphalt texture and to print roads in the default vfr map nbsp This scenery consist of Repaving…

    Best wishes 😉


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