• Even hitting the ground wing first, the simulation doesn’t reset …

    Well then maybe don't try to crash and fly scheduled operations ;)

    The crash simulation in Aerofly is not great and it would be difficult to develop crash sequences which may appear distressing; They would be pointless to those who don't crash anyway. Anyway, what is the point of crashing and killing hundreds of NPCs with a virtual plane? Why not just shuttle people in comfort around Europe and the world?

    Kind regards and safe flying.


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  • Aerofly FS is a flight sim not a crash sim. We could make it so touching the wing immediately causes a crash. But then a gear up landing would also do that because the engines are currently the same part as the wings, the designer has not split them off. I'd rather be able to land on the Hudson in Aerofly than see the crash menu immediately when I roll slowly into a lamp post with the wing. But maybe that's just me and we should crash immediately? I don't know, it's not easy to satisfy everyone at once.

    Also... real world did not reset either

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  • I don't need a crash simulator.

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