• Have you considers interactive cockpits where we can move throttles, mixtures, flaps, undercarriage etc by touching them on the instrument panel itself as an alternative to the sliders?

    I have just stumbled across another mobile sim who although cannot match AF2 for detail, do have this feature and I think it would be a great addition to AF2.

    BTW. Decided to fly the 747 from Sacremento to Salt Lake City today. The out of zone was still quite good up until when I crossed the Nevada Arizona Border where there was a large blue band of up textured scenery and than the textures became so basic that you could not make out Salt Lake City. I would definitely recommend Salt Lake City or Las Vegas as future sceneries to develop as they are the perfect distance for the A320 or B737.


  • Interactive cockpits have been considered, but using them on a mobile devices is extremely difficult!

    We will definitely allow it in our upcoming Desktop version, but its not planned yet for the mobile version.

    Expect to see some new stuff next year with respect to new areas.

    The ONLY reason we didn't come out with a larger regions and more airports is jus the space restrictions. We have to consider that most users only have 16 GB of free space, so thats the main reason that we limited the number of airports. We are currently working on a "scenery manager" for one of the next updates, so people with more space can download additional regions.

  • Sounds good, I am using 16gb on my faster iPad mini and will have to manage memory very carefully. I am Hoping that I will have space for a few more sceneries so I can fly some interesting commercial sectors and the odd international flight. Once switzaland is added I'll delete Aerofly FS 1 and that should free up quite a lot of space.

    Another idea I like is to have a test flight option where we can fly the aircraft we don't own for 60secs in order to see if we want them or not.

  • Lol I did that from ksfo since that's my home town area Salt Lake City I could tell where I was but again it got real blurry after Nevada and that blue spot I thought it was the void lol but I measured real flight time with the AeroFly and it's just about deadon great job looking forward to the new stuff :D