• I think they are aware of the missing airports. But since an airport may take several working days for one person at the level of detail is currently at it would take years to cover a significant portion of the most important international airports.

    What they could do is keep that island idea of local high resolution around a certain region and then proceed with the most important airports only, like: New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Rio de Janeiro, London, Manchester, Frankfurt a.M, Munich, Paris, Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Mardid, Milan, Vienna, Zurich, Cairo, Dubai, Cape Town, New Delhi, Bankok, Hong Kong, Tokyo and so on. The big question is where do you draw the line and leave it up to the external add-on developers to create all the other?

    And would you prefer a computer generated runway placed at all airports or would you rather have it blank?
    I'd prefere at least having a runway even though its in the middle of nothingness.


  • From my point of view, database-generated world-wide airports would be a very good start. As Jan states, just runways would be a 100 % improvement already. Depending on availability of data a tower and, perhaps, a terminal or hangar would be nice, but even without these I'd applaude any success.

    As this is a new design, IPACS should be clever enough to make these updatable instead of hardcoded aka FSX & Co.

    Given the limited capacity of IPACS I understand high-detailed aiports should be left to 3rd parties (with possible exceptions they just want to do themselves). And, yes, I am well prepared to pay for good addon aiports (as long as there's a proper orthoimage surrounding them allowing VFR).

    Kind regards, Michael

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  • From my point of view, database-generated world-wide airports would be a very good start. l

    i do not agree.

    blusting this sim up like fsx is wrong.
    i dont want crippled unreal airports with default runways spread all over the place
    just for the sake of it. If you do airports then only in its highest possible quality.

    nobody needs default runways out in the nowhere.
    Use FSX if you want that kind of nightmare design.

    So: Only complete airports please.

    Focus on the absolut essential!
    Remain highest possible quality!

    Southwest of the US is already a superjob.

    If you really want to expand, do the East Coast from Maine down to key west, including NYC, DC, ATL, MIA.
    Forget all the midwest and the prairies. Forget Northwest and Canada.

    But even before this, shouldn't we starve for hi res Hawaiian islands? LAX-HNL

    and even before expanding, lots of other issues need to be looked at. Lots of.
    thinking of a better NAV Planner (GUI), ATC, Voice, Traffic.

    my oppinion. sorry folks.