Anyone perfectly connecting tiles?

  • Hi,

    I don't want to patronize, just tell you my personal approach.

    1. I use a large FSET frame: NW 6°30'/45°30', SE 14°30'/42°30'

    2. The TMC frame is smaller: NW 7/45, SE 14/43

    3. Next FSET frame: NW 6°30'/47°30', SE 14°30'/44°30'

    4. The TMC frame is smaller: NW 7/47, SE 14/45

    5. Make a file compare to get duplicates, create a list of duplicates and related ..masks, delete duplicates and related masks

    6. Store all files into same directory.

    This worked seamless for levels 9 and 11, which I did for central europe.

    (Reason: If your TMC cuts an aerofly tile, a mask is being generated. If your overlap is large enough, you can delete the mask without getting a black border.

    Also, you will note, that your duplicates are nearly identical in file size, so there is nothing missing in the tile).


    Looking to the latitude 45°, the border of 2 conversion jobs. Only visible by a slightly different color.

    Sample of added sceneries showing massive overlap in FSET, but seamless in TMC.

  • Rodeo

    so your saying the process is to create each tile one at a time.. make sure that we separate the files from each run of the geoconvert tool and then after the fact compare the files we created and snip any duplicates? what if we want to make a state worth of tiles and need hundreds of them to get the job done?

    This has to be the most convoluted and tedious process...

    Basically you'd need to create a directory for each image.. then read every file from every folder and keep a list of ones that show up more than once and trim out all those files from every "infected" folder?



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  • So you are making your FSET coords 30' larger than TMC? That's huge, my areas are so much smaller than that!!!!

    How big would my FSET need to be if my TMC is planned to be... N51°30'0" W0°54'0" - N51°18'0" W0°36'0"

    Rodeo, do all files with duplicates have a mask file?

    I know there are non duplicate files with mask files which we leave alone. But would we ever have say 3 duplicate files but only one of them has produced a mask, or if one has, they all will?

    I ask because the answer determines whether or not it will be nice and simple using a duplicate file program, or an absolute pain making it not worthwhile. From what I can tell, it looks like yes; duplicate files also always have mask files and in the same quantity. But checking with you in case I have missed some.


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  • Hi,

    after my second conversion I did the file compare and deleted the duplicates and masks.

    After next conversion I did the same. So as a result I only had to deal with 2 folders after each conversion, the already existing and the new one.

    I repeated this step several times, as you can see at my scenery image number 2.

    But honestly, I never planned to do this for a full continent.

    I created this massive overlap to make sure, I have a full image when I delete the mask. In fact I did not yet check the aerofly tile extent of level 9 and 11, but I can try this shortly. Knowing this we can better define the minimum overlap. But this idea just leaped into my mind.

    Also take into account: I didn't use higher levels for this area compounding.

    'In my' theory all duplicates should have masks, since we do not overlap the TMC frame definitions.

    If an aerofly tile fits into the TMC frame, it is fully included without mask and will not be present in the adjacent area.

    If an aerofly tile is cut by the TMC frame, it will have a mask and will be present in both areas.

    I really don't know whether this is true.

    Ok, this is my approach. To make that clear again:

    This is nothing official from IPACS, this may not work under all circumstances. It's just what I experienced while working with geoconvert.

    Hope you succeed and have fun!