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    Have you had a look at Blender OSM Premium.

    Are you sure you haven't missed anything? ^^

    Good idea indeed. Only problem might be that some people have no clue what their specs are... Not everyone knows what's inside that black box they bought in the shop. ;) BTW When you add your CPU you might also want to add your overclock (if you have one).

    If you need to know your pc specs download and install Speccy

    Hello fellow simmers,

    I was just thinking (unusual) that it might be worthwhile everyone on this forum adding their PC's specs in their signature block.

    This would assist others in giving you a helping hand or finding out if multiple users with the same equipment have the same issue.

    Your thoughts on this?



    Hi Nick,

    Living and flying in Australia (mostly coastal,I would love to have Smooth coastline transparency using OSM coastline data first :-)

    My preferred order:

    -Smooth coastline transparency using OSM coastline data

    -Worldwide high-resolution elevation data download (from USGS)

    -then the others.

    Cheers & thanks a million, this tool is excellent :-)


    Kloot i'm so close to a bingo! No problem with steps 1 and 2 but when I open scenProc and load 3ds file to convert, I get errors. This seems to easy? Is there a script involved when opening scenProc and loading 3ds file? If this way works then I believe it can help the AF2 community greatly.

    My apologies, it's ModelConverterX

    Have a watch of this video made by RODEO, it really explains it: ModelConverterX

    Make sure the scenery has no colors, just textures before converting.

    Hi Chris,

    I moved everything through STEAM to another drive.

    Then I moved all my scenery to a different hard drive (H:\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\scenery\images) and added the following (' <[string8][extra_user_folder][H:\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\]> ') in the main.mcf file located in: C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Aerofly FS 2.

    Taken from the WIKI:

    User Defined Scenery Folder

    you can define a custom user folder by adding your location to the field: <[string8][extra_user_folder][]> located within the main.mcf file.

    The location must contain the sub-folder “scenery”. This will give users the ability to place their custom scenery in a location other than the documents folder located on the root drive.

    Best of luck :-)