Airbus A320-214


The medium-range jet airliner Airbus A320 entered service in 1988. It is the first model of the A320 family, whose members differ in fuselage length mainly. The shortest family member is the A318, the longest is the A321. The A320 has a maximum take-off weight of 78,000 kg (172,000 lbs) and can carry a maximum of 180 passengers. The A320 was the first commercial airliner that used a digital fly-by-wire control system. The mechanical connection between the flight controls and control surfaces is replaced by a combination of sidesticks, flight control computers and actuators. The cockpit features digital instrument displays for all flight and engine data, analog instruments are provided as a backup only.

Depending on the repaint the A320 comes with Sharklets or wing-tip fences.


Key Features

Physics Simulation

These things are fully simulated in Aerofly FS:

  • Full multibody aircraft that bends under load
  • Natural gear compression and damping
  • Center of gravity shift from gear retraction
  • Thermodynamic engine simulation with individual components for compressor, burner, turbines, drive shafts, fan, reversers and nozzle
  • Simulated full authority digital engine controller (FADEC)
  • Cold and dark startup

Aerodynamics & Flight-Controls

Aerofly FS features a realistic aerodynamics simulation and this aircraft is no exception:

  • Native wing flex simulation
  • Independent simulation of slats, flaps and speedbrakes
  • Auto spoilers and auto brakes
  • Fly by wire (FBW) with direct law, alternate law and normal law with flight, ground and flare modes
  • All real world flight envelope protections are simulated
  • Flap, slat and airbrake protections/inhibits

Aircraft Systems

Custom coded aircraft systems and behaviors specific to this aircraft and based on real world flight manuals:

  • Fully interactive cockpit
  • Full electric network with batteries, buses, generators, dynamic electric switches and individual electrical loads
  • Bleed air flow including cross bleed engine starts
  • Pressurization system
  • Fuel system
  • Hydraulic system

Autopilot and FMS

  • Authentic autopilot behaviors
  • Flight management and guidance system (FMGS) with all managed lateral and vertical modes (NAV, CLB, DES, ALT CST, etc.) and all selected modes
  • Autoland
  • Multifunction Control Display Units (MCDUs) with interactive pages
  • FMGS flight phases
  • Navigation auto-tuning
  • Vapp and ground speed mini


  • Realistic PFD, ND
  • Realistic ECAM with all system pages
  • Master caution and warning system
  • ECAM warnings, cautions, advisories with ECAM actions
  • Display reversion and source selection
  • Adjustable display, annunciator and panel brightness

3D Model and Animations

  • High quality mesh
  • High resolution textures
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Realistic exterior lights
  • Doors and flight deck windows can be opened
  • Tray table can be pulled out
  • Sun visor can be pulled down
  • Wipers move

Immersive 3D Directional Sounds

  • Fan buzz, exhaust jet noise, N1 and N2 turbine and compressor noises, air starter and engine spool up
  • APU and air conditioning (PACKs)
  • Authentic radar altitude and GPWS callouts
  • Realistic master caution & warning sounds
  • Wind sounds, ground roll, passenger signs, cabin chime …


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