McDonnell Douglas F15E Strike Eagle


The twin-engine multi-role strike fighter F-15 Eagle had its maiden flight in July 1972. Since then, over 1600 machines of this type in different versions have been built. With afterburner, the two powerplants offer 129 kN thrust each, which corresponds to a thrust-to-weight ratio at normal weight of 0.93. This allows huge climb rates of up to 250 m/s. The maximum top speed of the F-15E is about Mach 2.54.


Key Features

Physics Simulation

  • Full multibody aircraft that bends under load
  • Natural gear compression and damping
  • Center of mass shift when gear retracts
  • Fully simulated stabilizer motion which naturally causes slight movements of the entire airplane
  • Realistic ground effect and high angle of attack lift/drag
  • Engine intake ramp moves with Mach number and angle of attack

Aircraft Systems & Instrumentation

  • Interactive cockpit
  • Basic autopilot with attitude, heading and altitude hold mode as well as radar altitude hold (terrain follow)
  • Up front controller (UFC) with working data entry
  • Head up display (HUD)
  • Moving map display
  • Airbrake

3D Model & Animations

  • High quality mesh and high resolution textures
  • Full interior model
  • Dynamic exterior lights
  • Realistic internal lights
  • Formation lights


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