Missions And Time-Skip

Flight Missions

Aerofly FS 2022 (mobile version) now offers 10,000+ real world flights as well as dozens of custom made missions that you can easily select and fly with only a few clicks. Your flight route is automatically set for you so you don’t have to program anything into the board computer or manually create a route in the menu. You can of course still do that but it makes life just so much easier and you don’t have to get creative to create realistic flights.

And even better still you can now also skip the boring bits of the flight like the long cruise sections by using our new time-skip feature. This also works together with the copilot. So you can really sit back and enjoy the landscape or quickly jump to the action!

Flight Mission Features

Missions Main Menu

The missions main menu has several buttons to access the different mission pages.

  • Current Mission
  • Challenges
  • Recommended Flights
  • Aircraft List
  • Scheduled Flights Map


The challenges menu displays all custom created flight missions that feature challenging conditions, difficult approaches or scenic flights. You can also flight many of the tutorial flights as preset that we use in our Aerofly Wiki.

  • Select a challenge that you want to fly to see the detailed info and mission task
  • Select Fly Now on the Mission Preview page to start the flight

Recommended Flights

Aerofly FS recommends more than 10,000 real world flight missions to you based on your previous flight experiences, currently selected aircraft and location as well as time of day. Just pick a flight that you like and start your flight immediately.

  • Pick a flight from the recommended list
  • Review it on the Mission Preview page and select Fly Now to start the flight

Mission Preview

When you selected a flight mission you can review it on the map. This page shows the weather conditions as well as a brief description for the flight.

  • Review the flight conditions and description
  • Press Fly Now to start the flight immediately
  • Your aircraft is ready for departure on the runway and your navigation route will be set automatically

Scheduled Flights

In the Scheduled Flights menu you can click on any airport on the map to see the airport departures or arrivals. If you select a departure or arrival flight from the list you can review it in the mission preview and then fly it.

  • Click on an airport on the right
  • Click on a departure or arrival flight in the list
  • With a flight selected you can also click on the origin or destination airport to see their arrivals and departures

Filter by Aircraft

You can filter the missions by aircraft

  • Select the Aircraft List page from the missions menu
  • Select the aircraft you wish to use
  • Pick a flight that you would like to use
  • Select Fly Now

Flying is easy with the copilot and time-skip