​I'm flabbergasted (KMRY Monterey)

  • You might not think that way when the 40% discount if you have another version of scenery for another sim comes into effect. I do not know if that will be available in Steam. I do know the discount will be there in FTX Central.

    For those of us emerging from the last True Sim (=MSFS2004 ;)) there is no ORBX.

    AFS2 is a rebirth of sorts, and the first Steam experience too!

    I am totally enamoured of the Plug 'n Play experience.

  • Hi guys, thought I'd pop over here and say g'day :)

    Thanks for all the support with Monterey - I'm really enjoying working on Aerofly FS2, and the IPACS team have been most generous with their time and assistance.

    As some of you are aware, the Steam version should be going on sale very soon, all things going well. There will be some small updates included in the Steam release, based on your feedback here and over at the ORBX forums:

    - Updated cultivation building textures - colors more suited to mid-Californian architecture.

    - Added the swimming pool to the Naval PostGrad Academy

    - Moved the starting position for Rwy10R so that taildraggers no longer have issues with the edge lighting.

    The water issue needs to be investigated at a deeper level, though I can confirm that it only affects users who have the US high-resolution texture pack installed.

    These updates will of course also be rolled out to those who have purchased via ORBX Direct, though I can't give an exact time frame on this due to the holidays.

    Thanks again for your support, hope you all have a great Christmas.



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  • Thanks Jarrad. I just bought Monterey yesterday and flew a few brief flights around the airport. It is absolutely stunning!

    The only thing I noticed was that strange, right angle thing going on in the water (if that's what you're talking about).




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  • Great to see you here Jarrad. Thank you very much for those changes. It's the little things like that which make Orbx scenery Orbx. Can't wait for KJAC and whatever else you have up your sleeve.

    - Ashley

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