Australian Scenery Screenshots

  • Have been loving FS2 and its photorealistic scenery, but the lack of Australian scenery has been a major disappointment. So the only thing to do was create some myself. I looked at all the tutorials available and gave it a go. After a very steep learning curve and some help from the forums, I managed a grid from Byron Bay in the south to Noosa in the north and Toowoomba in the west. After creating all the textures I have also used the excellent Fscloudport to create some individual airport buildings, runways and static aircraft for Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Redcliffe. The textures for the whole region are suitable for flying above 3000 feet and I have added higher quality textures around the airports for lower air work. The textures look great from the air but the appearance is a bit flat at ground level, so the Fscloudport detail at airports brings it back to life. Any texture colour variations are a result of the available imagery.

    I still have to add airport buildings to Gold Coast, Caloundra Airport, Archerfield, Caboolture and Amberley. All airport details will be limited to that available from Fscloudport (due to my skillset and inclination). Brisbane airport itself is unlikely to have significant building details added due to the complexity of the terminal, but will do hangers etc. After that I'll start working my way north towards Cairns. The texture size is about 320MB for the main area textures for the area, between 40MB to 120MB each for the detailed textures for airports. The Fscloudport buildings etc are a quite small download with Sunshine Coast airport coming in at only 5MB The finished airports are already available for download at Fscloudport, but they don't include ground textures. Haven't thought about how I might distribute all this yet.

    It really is impressive when you can pick out your own house as you fly over, so naturally my own place is in one of the high detail areas, but more by good luck than by good planning.

    It is still very much a work in progress but thought I would share some screenshots for those Aussies out there hanging out for some Australian scenery for FS2.

    Sunshine Coast


    Sunshine Coast Airport - buildings created with Fscoudport

    Amberley Air Base - textures only

    Gold Coast

    Mount Tamborine

    Brisbane from 35000 feet

    'Redcliffe Airport - buildings created with Fscloudport

    Toowoomba City Aerodrome - buildings created with Fscloudport

    Thanks, Chris

    Win 10 64-bit, 24GB RAM, i5-9400F @ 3.9, 6GB Nvidia RTX-2060

  • Hi Clayton4115

    The airports are available now at Look for YRED, YCAB, YTWB, YBSU and YBCG. Follow the install instructions on the Fscloudport site. Don't forget there is a one time install of 'xrefglobal" in order for the airports to work correctly.

    try without xref global. The latest fs2 release should mean it isn't needed.

  • Hi Clayton4115

    The file list looks OK from what I can see. I deleted YBBN from my PC and downloaded it again from Fscloudport just to be sure and it all worked OK in FS2.

    During development I encountered disappearing buildings after I had added some extra detail. I edited the airport in Fscloudport and deleted a few things and the scenery was OK again. So it appears FS2 has a limit to what it will show and I had initially exceeded that with YBBN using Fscloudport.

    So it might be a memory thing. On my system with 4GB video and 20GB ram it works OK in its current build. And that is with all my development programs open as well on Windows.

    When I had too much detail in Fscloudport all the buildings disappeared, leaving only the runway and tower. Is this what you are getting?

    I also notice you are using a different folder location to that recommended by Fscloudport. If my other airports worked in the same location then the folder isn't an issue.

    Thanks, Chris

    Win 10 64-bit, 24GB RAM, i5-9400F @ 3.9, 6GB Nvidia RTX-2060