What I like BEST about Aerofly FS2

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    Thank you everyone! As you all probably already know, we read everything posted on the forums and this is very motivating and is very pleasing to read. We do understand everyone's frustration at times, we have that same frustration. Everyone that owns Aerofly knows that there are even some basics missing from our sim that should be in by now, but everyone also knows that we are a small team trying to make a flight simulator in a market that already has mature flight simulators, this is an intimating and stressful task. All of us on the team have a lot of passion, motivation, and determination to succeed, but when you only see forum members struggling to support us because of our downfalls, it's like trying to soar without any wind. But seeing a thread like this really shows us why all of you stick around and why we continue to work hard to develop this. Please stay with us and hang in there, Aerofly will mature and we will get there.

    I'm really enjoying this sim I think it is the best in many things

    There inst any frustration IPACS did a good job.Sometimes we just sugest some things to improve.

    I think Virtual reality in flight simulation is the future of the real pilots training. And I have not doubt Aerofly fs2 will be at the top .

  • I'm thankful a small team like Ipacs continues to forge ahead. Not being a tweaker per se, I've very much enjoyed to scenery and lighting. Can't wait until they go east and hit West Virginia (can always hope!). I'm preparing to purchase the Netheralands scenery to support both ORBX involvement and IPACs despite no strong desire to fly that area. No disrespect, I'm just not familiar with that area, no charts etc. Perhaps I'll change my mind post download given the preview screenshots!

    Kind regards


  • Best simulator for me!

    As mentioned before, you can spend all your time flying. No waste of time for loading, addons, tweaking, setup, route planing and fmc programming. Anyway there is enough system depth. FS2 has a superb balance between aircraft systems, flying and amenability. And a good variety of aircraft.

    No need to mention graphics and performance again.

  • I have been a flight simmer since I can remember, bought every copy of MFS, when they came out at that time, my rig would never cope with the latest version...

    It even took a few years to have the right rig for FSX... For a wile all was pretty good, bought a ton of scenery addon plane and heli. I was not always satisfy with those. Installing, tweaking... loading... then a few years ago came the infamous OOM... That it was not fun anymore. I had no more FUN.

    Bought P3D V4, I never owned a P3D version before V4, upgraded my rig with a SSD, GTX 1060 6G... I never had any real pleasure with P3D, I was struggling to much, I had it with tweaking.. and loading. I still load it once in a wile because I love helicopter and owned them all, I especially miss the Cera Sim one....

    I also miss some plane like the Quality Wing one (own them all)

    I bought stuff that was unplayable.. Like New York City....

    So you came.. first time in my life in a Sim that I could fly over NYC... I was stunned.. WHAT, FPS at 120?????????????????? oer NYC, nahhhhhhhhhh.

    Voila, I'm hooked.

    Note, in 2011 I bought the biggest rig and CPU available at that time, a 2600K.. I was lucky that this CPU as to be one of the best one Intel never built...

    I will upgrade this one late fall but it as serve me good, OC at 4.2-4.4 since many years

    Cheers, Ben

    Note 2: I have been an RC pilot all my life... I don't own your RC version but if you need help as a BETA tester.. I also fly drones and own 5 helicopter

    Here is me flying in FPV (most of the time), FPV is like VR in a way, I wear google and so it's like I'm in the plane

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  • Where does one even begin to answer that question?!?;-)

    VR performance is at the top of the list - no doubt about that. Silky smooth all the way.

    Flying the Pitts in the early hours after the moon has risen, and upon commencing a turn getting the sudden realisation that the moon behind you caused a glimpse of moonlight - like a silver reflection in the guy-wires between upper and lower wing!!!

    Taking the F15 out for a burn at Mach 2 at 50 feet going up the valley from Innsbruck!

    Realising that they have enabled the energy indication of the heads-up display superbly in the F18 - WOW!!

    The yaw string behaviour in the gliders - another massive WOW!!!

    Doing hammerhead stalls over the spire of the Empire State Building, followed by hooning up and down 5th Avenue at street level.

    Taking off from RWY33 at Page Municipal in the Extra, - crank a left turn at 50 feet and then dipping below the rim of Grand Canyon, to follow it no more than 2 wingspans above the Colorado River all the way to the Hoover Dam. Allow 50 minutes for this little excursion and also have a quick "breather" at Grand Canyon National Park along the way. Be prepared to ignore the shouts coming from the kitchen that "dinner is ready";-)

    The stall spin characteristics on the 172 is simply SUPERB! I spent hundreds of hours as a flight instructor in Canada almost 3 decades ago and vividly remember how the Skyhawk struggles to get into a spin - almost impossible going to the right, but easily doable going to the left once you know what you're doing, particularly if you leave a trickle of power on and kick left rudder with resolve as you enter a stall. No other commercial or hobby sim i have ever tried can replicate the fidelity of the real thing in such a superb way as FS2 does. In VR in my motion sim, it is simply fantastic. Well done IPACS - we can commercialise this aspect of the sim!

    Doing the "obstacle course" in the Pitts (extra download) out of Monument Valley.

    All of this will no doubt be put on the backburner, once the R22 is available!!! All objects in Aerofly FS2 has "attribute hard", meaning that every single rooftop is a landing spot for a chopper. This is going to be superb, and hopefully become a big boost for the development team at IPACS. I am immensely impressed at what the small team has been able to cobble together - well done you guys, well done indeed!!!

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