What I like BEST about Aerofly FS2

  • Hi fellow FS2 fans...

    We all know it is easy to get stuck on things FS2 does not yet have, it is an evolving platform after all. And, being typical flightsimmers we can also get vocal about those things! SO, let's do something different. This thread is designed to be positive. What do you love most about FS2? Let's make each post brief. Contain yourself to one thing, and if you think of something else later, add that to a different reply. And, no "knocking" other sims. If you need to make a comparison simply say "other sims" without naming anything specific. Let's encourage the IPACS team here, and encourage the newcomers to the forum with positive energy.

    I will start it off...

    I really like that FS2 loads up and launches incredibly quickly. With some "other sims", I can click the icon on my desktop, go to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee, let the dog out for a pee, read a few emails, and still come back in time to watch final loading. Not so FS2... Icon, quick load, and I am in the air!! FS2 is PERFECT for those times I have just a few minutes to fly. Heck, no time for coffee, and the dog is looking at me sorrowfully, but I am a happy flier! Thanks IPACS.



  • For me it's the Virtual Reality.

    AFS2 is so smooth in VR, I just love it :)

    I forgot one of the most important things, there is NO tweaking involved, just start & fly :thumbup:

    Handy cultivation tools

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  • I think the single best thing that I like about Aerofly FS 2 is that it is a very young development and is being worked on and improved almost every day. This means that those things that we are looking forward to having in the sim will be the most modern and best that IPACS could develop.

    It is reassuring when you have an active development team that can jump on a problem and solve it in a matter of days or sometimes weeks while maintaining their timeline for long term development.

    This compares to other sims that may already be stretched past their useful life or are already looking for necessary overhead for future development.

    The future is very bright here,.



  • I like everything about this sim, but especially the VR its is the best and the scenarios are incredibly real, I would just like to start up and shut down the aircraft and that is all for me.

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  • Living in Switzerland, I’m very happy with the wonderful Switzerland dlc, especially after adding personal cultivation... I began with flight simulator 95, in 1996, then stopped competely using Fsx and P3D since 8 months...

    Great simulator, great performance, great immersion ! Thx IPACS:):thumbup:

  • FS 2 is undoubtedly the best flight simulator for me, best matching my vision of this type of games. There are many things, that I like in FS 2 but here I would like to mention very clear, transparent and easy to use flight planning tool. I can simply create my flight route by two clicks without using printed maps of each region, charts, rulers or some external applications. I can easily locate navigation beacons with their frequencies too.

  • Real landscape and enviroment in VR! With more and more details ( look Holland )! Simple and userfriendly! Best performance! :)

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  • The flight dynamics for aerobatics are imho currently the best in town.

    Wish for Aerofly FS 2/4:

    - Flightpath recording on hard drive and replay in sim from different view points

    - Smoke for aerobatic planes

    - Multiplayer or at least watching other people flying sitting on ground or inside tower

  • Number 1: performance (I'm surprised it's mainly mentioned on a sidenote up to now!). Incomparable with any "other sim".

    Number 1 (yes, two number 1's;)) : the lighting part of the graphics engine (I'm surprised this even hasn't been mentioned!). The sun really SHINES in AFS2, not only on everything in the cockpit (unlike "another sim" which has all those things baked into the textures) but also in the air: you can see the light being different depending on the time of day and where you are looking. It's not just a different sky texture or color (again, unlike etc.), but there is real light in the sky out there!

    Number 2: the latest scenery (South Florida and specially TrueEarth Netherlands): the default photoreal scenery was okay already but those two new addons really are the best, with that extreme amount of detail.

    These are the things that make me come back to AFS2 all the time.

  • - quick start up - flying instead of waiting

    - performance - flying instead of tweaking

    - vr immersion - flying instead of being annoyed



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    • Official Post

    Thank you everyone! As you all probably already know, we read everything posted on the forums and this is very motivating and is very pleasing to read. We do understand everyone's frustration at times, we have that same frustration. Everyone that owns Aerofly knows that there are even some basics missing from our sim that should be in by now, but everyone also knows that we are a small team trying to make a flight simulator in a market that already has mature flight simulators, this is an intimating and stressful task. All of us on the team have a lot of passion, motivation, and determination to succeed, but when you only see forum members struggling to support us because of our downfalls, it's like trying to soar without any wind. But seeing a thread like this really shows us why all of you stick around and why we continue to work hard to develop this. Please stay with us and hang in there, Aerofly will mature and we will get there.

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    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.



  • I put a lot of planning, hard work and detail into my VR cockpit and FS2 is the ONLY flightsim I use - it's a PERFECT MATCH!

    I tried other VR flightsims at the beginning of the year but was always disappointed with the VR experience. My frequent flyer miles will always be FS2 miles!

    *IDEA #1* - IPACS, can you track miles flown? Other games have leaderboards - it might be entertaining to track Frequent Flyer miles. I know Steam tracks hours of game time but I didn't know if that was Pilot Logbook hours or not. I thought I remember mention of a Pilot Logbook possibility. If you go that route, logging hours/miles by aircraft is probably already in your plans.

    *IDEA #2* - with FS2 being such a great VR showcase and new wireless/standalone VR headsets hitting the market, it would be cool to have a "FS2 Passenger" experience where we could record an interesting flight (through NYC, etc) and then share that flight with someone who has one of these wireless/standalone (less powerful) headsets so they can experience the same flight as a passenger. Aerobatic flights would be cool too!

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    The logbook is still on the table. A lot of other things of more importance just hopped ahead of finishing it. We will be resuming the logbook soon.

    #2 i'm not too sure what you mean. Many users already make videos of their flights and share them on here for others to see. If you are referring to in-game sharing then that's a whole other story and a lot of work to be accomplished. Maybe down the road at some point, but not now.

    Please don't turn this thread into a suggestion portal now.

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    I'm just a cook, I don't own the restaurant.
    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.



  • This sim is loaded up & ready to go in seconds & you don't need a NASA computer to run it, thanks to ipacs & ORBX for producing an awesome sim with awesome scenery,here's a video i made flying the DR400 over the New Netherlands scenery,really looking forward to the future with this sim : )

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  • Back on topic, here are my Top10 things I really like about FS2 ...

    1) VR performance

    2) VR performance

    3) VR performance

    4) The optional scenery packs for purchase are impressive/high quality - glad to purchase these knowing I'm helping fund additional FS2 development

    5) The big selection of aircraft of all sizes and performance levels are already included when you buy FS2

    6) Pre-configured aircraft for take-offs, inflight or final approaches - if you only have 30 minutes to fly, you can spend all of it flying. I really like the final approach options at each airport to practice landings in different airplanes and day/night. When weather comes, landing practice will really get interesting!

    7) The cockpit detail is impressively realistic/very immersive - looking around the Cessna 172 gave me flashbacks to my flight lessons days. As someone mentioned above, the graphics engine does a great job with the cockpit lighting/shadows

    8 ) Having access to the tools to create airports/scenery for my local area was an added bonus and makes FS2 more personal - it's great to see the FS2 community creating improvements to these tools/processes that free up more time to fly

    9) Planning a new flight is pretty easy, I never got an IFR license and haven't flown many long FS2 flights but the easy flight planning is a good combo with the pre-configured aircraft so you can set your route and be rolling down the runway in under 60 seconds!

    10) City night lights - this latest release makes cities look great. If the first WOW is FS2 in VR, then the 2nd WOW is FS2 in VR at night!

  • 1. Awesome aircraft! I mainly fly the Jungmeister, the Extra and the Pitts and I love them all. So good looking and flight dynamics are very well modelled, too.

    2. Scenery: I love to fly over Switzerland (will be good to have the cultivation freeware here, though) and TE Netherlands is absolutely stunning. Once there is Germany in this quality and I have VR, I can probably forfait my real world license :D

    3. Performance: No explanation needed I think...

    4. No tweaking, improving this, messing up that, like in other flightsims. It just works!





  • I like Aerofly cause I am:

    - free from the frustrations of stutters

    - free from the monotony of Land-class based scenery

    - free from endless hours of config tweaking

    - free from reality (VR is just that good)

    - free from poor textures as aircraft and scenery by IPACS has a high standard for quality

    - free to use zoom and actually see what is in the distance

    - free to change time and visibility so readily

    - free to enjoy more flight time as fast load times and relocation of aircraft is speedy

    - free to enjoy variety in life, as the robust fleet of default aircraft with continual improvements is notably strong

    - happy to support the efforts of a team that has proven itself sincerely dedicated to the community and does incorporate our suggestions!