• I would love to see a roadmap or maybe a developer blog. As a new user who came for the r22 and decided to stay thanks to its quality I’d love to know what the short term priorities are. For example, I wanted to see if I could green screen a mixed reality VR flight so went looking for the replay function. A search reveals it’s been on the to do list for over a year but is still not available in VR. It’s a small team and I know other things take higher priority. I’m not complaining. I would just love to know what’s on the short term schedule.

    EDIT- and I just found the blog thread :sleeping:

  • could you please tell us what you are currently working on as the next step for Aerofly FS 2?

    There isn't a roadmap, at least not one that is known by the users. But afaik IPACS also doesn't have a roadmap set in stone for themselves. They are working on ATC (which they have been working on for the last 2 years or so). As far as we know that's the only main new feature they are working on. Other than that there usually are people working on more system depth in the default planes and on scenery, although nothing has been announced or confirmed when it comes to both. No one knows for sure what's coming up apart from ATC which is the only announced and confirmed feature.

    ATC won't be here anytime soon though: no information has been shared about it at all up to now: maybe we will hear more about it in 2019. It would surprise me if ATC would be released the coming year. All other features people are wishing for (like weather) are on a we-will-look-at-that-in-the-future list: afaik IPACS will decide what to work on next whenever ATC has been finished. Nothing has been promised, announced or confirmed.

    So the roadmap could be summarized as follows:

    1. ATC

    2. We'll see what to work on next after 1

    Hence the lack of a roadmap topic on this forum: there simpy isn't much to tell.