About the creation of airports

  • salut,

    Please do not begrudge me for my frankness.

    I find that you do not facilitate the work of airport creation enthusiasts.

    Yet it is they that will allow Aerofly to attract more and more customers.

    1) To create a track, I read your tutorial on the wiki, but I think it's really very basic and I'm not even sure it's very accurate. Yet for Fsx we had Airport Design Editor which is absolutely great, with the ability to create taxiways, which you can not do with your tutorial.

    For the placement of 3D objects on the airport scene, again your system is long and I will say even archaic in 2020 ... while already at the time Fsx existed a very practical tool: Instant scenery which allows to simply put 3D on the stage in fsx.

    Please could you make us these 2 tools for Aerofly.

    This would be the minimum to offer the community because it is it that improves the simulation Aerofly FS2




  • Christy,

    Since the beginning, here in this forum, we have plenty of talented designers who came like you from fsx world.

    Aerofly fs2 is really another world, with a lot of potential, but a completely new way of thinking. Some tools permit to convert - but it is not easy at all - sceneries from other sims, but that is not the goal, because it is a completely new world, with new codes, etc....I cannot speak in the name of IPACS gentlemen, but these discussions about « you should », « please do that », annoy the creators from IPACS. Like you and many others here, I spend years designing sceneries in THE old sim you mention, but for now my knowledge required new tools to design native FS2 sceneries is way too poor... But you should take time reading some topics here in this discussion - to have an idea. Some talented designer here are building great tools, dedicated to this sim, but you have to forget references to the old sim.

    Anyway Fs2 is way ahead of other sims in many aspects, and the future looks bright :). And remember that Fs2 is young, and the talented IPACS team is very small. But ORBX, Aerosoft and Just Flight already joined the FS2 world. So I’m confident.

    For me, since more than one year, I simply cannot enjoy another simulator that Fs2. No way back. And I began with fs95 in 1996....

    I wish you a lot of success, and I’m happy that you join us !


  • fscloudport.com

  • Hervé bonjour,

    thank you for your point of view that I totally share in reality.:)

    But I have browsed the posts and for the placement of 3D objects on the scenes I have not found a tool to do it. Just what is written on the wiki. And I do not find that ideal.

    That said I believe a lot in the future Aerofly. Since I'm working on a blog dedicated solely to this simulation.