HUD dimmer F/A-18 & F-15 ? / F-15 aileron droop & flap relief error

  • Since I'm unable to find the correct VC control or anything in the wiki; is there a way to adjust the HUD brightness in these planes like in the MB339 ?

    Speaking of the F-15; Are there any plans to correct the primary and secondary flight controls?

    1. Please remove the aileron droop with flap extension.

    2. Please correct flap relief function since it activates way too early. It starts to retract the flaps at 170kts....instead of 250kts.

    When selected down, the flaps should start to extend again at 240kts.

    I love the F-15 but in external view with the drooped ailerons she looks really very weird.

    Thanx in advance :)

  • I can't check PC beta right now but mobile 2019 is similar and it now only has flap up or down but the ailerons still droop with flap. Manual rudder travel is about +/- 35 degrees on the ground only, in flight manual rudder is now restricted.

    If there is work done on the F-15 could there be some way to identify or manually select the navaids in use? Guessing the (VORs only so far) navaid in use is a bit hit and miss!

    The MB 339 DME does not work most of the time.

  • I open up a thread for all F18 enhancement request. You may want to bundle it in there ;)

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  • FL54

    Changed the title of the thread from “HUD dimmer F/A-18 & F-15 ? / F-15 flight controls correction ?” to “HUD dimmer F/A-18 & F-15 ? / F-15 aileron droop & flap relief error”.
  • There's something else and rather strange going on with the flaps.

    Even with the flaps selected up, they don't fully retract below 500-600kts and below 100kts they retract on their own.....

    edit: just 'upgraded' from the release to the beta version and the problem is even 'worse' now (I'm 95% sure). In the beta the aileron droop is also active with the 'maneuvering' flaps, in the release version only the flaps are extending/retracting in the 'maneuvering mode.

  • Nothing changed in the f15 in terms of flight controller. We currently have it in to offer a basic autopilot for that fighter.

    It uses the f18 flight controller which schedules the flaps with speed and g load / angle of attack. At high angle of attack they retract leaving just the slats extended on the f18. Doesn't really make sense to have it on the f15 but as I said this was easier then writing another autopilot and we want to change that at some point.