• Not to my limited knowledge Bill.

    I'm using Win 7 and FS 2 installed on my F drive the OS is on the C drive.

    My path for cultivation is as follows: F: Drive, Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator, scenery, places, "my home made cultivation"

    Hope this maybe of some help.

    Kindest regards, Michael.

  • Maybe you had a user folder link defined via


    (that's mine) in main.mcf and this entry got lost either when you deleted the file youself or it was replaced by an update?

    Kind regards, Michael

  • Yes, that is probably it. I will have a look!

    Actually, my cultivation is inside airport files. The map.toc file is in the folder, and is referenced at the end of the .tsc document.

    Is that not how it should work these days? The airports themselves show up just fine.