• Ever since I updated my 2017 iPad to IOS 13, the gaming performance has really slowed down. With IOS 12, it ran Aerofly FS 2019 really smoothly, and then after the update the frame rates dropped to probably 10-15. Same with 2020. And it’s not just Aerofly. Every game has suffered. My iPhone 8 Plus does not have the same problem. It runs everything really smooth. Anyone else have the same issue?

  • I cannot comment on AFS in IOS device, but I will share this with you. I have a two-year old iPhone SE which came with IOS 10. I never upgraded the IOS until four weeks ago when I accidentally told it to upgrade if plugged in overnight. In the morning I noticed immediately that I had IOS 13. Within a few hours my phone suddenly went dead at 60% battery life. Since then, I have to charge it four times a day. I must now decide whether to replace the battery, or the phone.

    I share my experience not as a judgement call against Apple, but to suggest that your issues might have nothing to do with IPACS or AFS. RAther, the upgrade may have done something to the iPad, just as it appears it did to my iPhone. Next iPhone I get, if I am happy with it, I will try to keep the IOS it came with, no matter how many notifications I receive.

    Good luck with your situation.

    - Kenneth

    Ps, nice to know iPhone 8 plus runs AF2020. I might consider the 8 plus after all.