I NEED HELP: FS 2, Start loading, and 5 seconds later, stop with the following message:

  • Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator main executable stopped working.

    The program stopped working correctly due to a problem. Windows will close the program and notify you if there is a solution.

    I close the program, wait for the windows notification, but the notification does not arrive.

    BACKGROUND: This happened after downloading the plane "addon = c212 (CASA)", unzip it, copy it to:

    Aerofly FS 2 \ addons \ aircraft \ c212 (Casa).

    It was working properly but I didn't like it, and I deleted it. I immediately reloaded the program and it stopped practically 5 seconds later, with the message that I played in blue at the beginning of this communication.

    Of course, I have not entered any of the files:






    NOTE: as I mentioned, it starts loading but 5 seconds later, it stops. However, the advertisements that appear on the screen, if I click on them, reproduce them perfectly.

    Where do I start to investigate this anomaly?

    Regards: Delfin

  • You have to switch your plane before you uninstall it. Please delete your main.mcf file to reset the recent aircraft setting.

    Hola Jan

    Forgive me Jan, but I don't understand your message correctly. Let's see:

    1º) .- Google translates the first part for me: "You have to switch your plane before you uninstall it". how:

    "You have to change your plane before uninstalling it."

    Translate "switch = change", which does NOT seem correct to me. I know the word switch, how to switch, switch, but, ... change ?.

    Please clarify this first point for me. What does it mean ?)

    2), You ask me to delete the whole "main-mcf" file. I guess later (and automatically) that file will reestablish itself. Is that so?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Regards: Delfin

  • Um meine Nachricht zu sehen, ist die deutsche Übersetzung korrekter

    Vergib mir Jan, aber ich verstehe deine Nachricht nicht richtig. Mal schauen:

    1º) .- Google übersetzt den ersten Teil für mich: "Sie müssen Ihr Flugzeug wechseln, bevor Sie es deinstallieren". Wie:

    "Sie müssen Ihr Flugzeug wechseln, bevor Sie es deinstallieren."

    Übersetzen Sie "switch = change", was mir NICHT richtig erscheint. Ich kenne das Wort Schalter, wie man wechselt, wechselt, aber ... ändert?

    Bitte klären Sie diesen ersten Punkt für mich. Was heißt das ?)

    2), Sie bitten mich, die gesamte "main-mcf" -Datei zu löschen. Ich denke später (und automatisch) wird sich diese Datei selbst wiederherstellen. Ist das so?

  • He meant that your last flight was with the aircraft you then deleted. Hence when you start up the simulator again it searches for that aircraft and can't find it anymore. If you now delete the main.mcf then it will be rebuilt with the default aircraft (the Cessna I think).

    Best regards,


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  • Hola Thomas:

    Thanks for your quick response, but there is something that surprises me, it is the following:

    1)).- If I am flying with a certain plane, then I delete it and reload the Sim, does this cause me this anomaly ?. Apparently this cannot happen (I suppose it cannot happen). I'm wrong?. If this happens systematically, in my opinion, that program is not sufficiently debugged and well finished. This anomaly should not occur when removing any aircraft.

    2) .- According to your reasoning (I understand it this way), if I eliminate any airplane that is installed, but that is not the last one that I have flown, nothing would happen. Is my guess correct?

    3) .- I suppose that due to my ignorance of the programming (especially this programming), I have a lot of respect and care in not touching these files: gc-map-mcf; main-mcf; ...etc. And I ask again: according to you explain, this file "main-mcf", which has been removed, is automatically rebuilt when loading the sim. It is what I deduce from your answer. Right?.

    I have not yet deleted it, and I await your confirmation.
    Again, thanks for your help.
    Kind regarads: Delfin

    • Official Post

    The main.mcf is automatically created if it doesn't exist, restoring default settings. It's as if you start Aerofly FS 2 for the very first time, where there is no previous configuration file (unless you uninstalled aerofly and re-installed it, in which case all settings are preserved).

    When you load an aircraft and exit the simulator, then delete the files for that aircraft and restart the sim, then the simulator tries to reload the last aircraft and fails. This causes the sim to crash. We will address this in a future update.

    Instead of deleting it you can also just rename the file to something other than main.mcf.

  • Hola Jan

    This time, it has been widely explained, especially for "non-experts in this discipline". Although Thomas had already exposed it to understand it correctly. This time Jan, your response has served as confirmation of what I have asked Thomas. You are a treasure in this community. Thanks and thanks again.

    Now another simple question: I had 2 icons on my screen (on the right); one was a shell, which I do not remember well its meaning. The other icon was a vertical arrow, whose function was to raise the plane vertically and manually, about 700 or 800 feet. (the function that the "L" key played in FS1).

    Both icons have disappeared with the deletion of the "main.mcf" file. How can I get them back on the screen?

    Kind regards: Delfin

    • Official Post

    That's in the settings, general, called "overlay" I believe.