Convert non-square textures in 3ds max

  • Hello,

    I am currently creating a hangglider model for Aerofly FS 2. Since I am not a 3d designer at all, I downloaded a free-to-use 3d model of a hangglider to work with. The problem is that it doesn't have square power-of-two-sized textures, so the aircraft converter won't work with that.

    After some research, I found that ProxyTextures is a 3ds max plugin that can resize textures to the nearest power of two. However, it doesn't allow me to make the textures square, so I am still stuck at that point.

    Does anyone know a way to "squarify" the textures in a 3ds max scene ?

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  • The simplest way is to download ModelconverterX Program and resize textures and export the model from there.

    Here is a video of how I originally did this. (There are many ways to do this)

    Video tutorial: How to import 3D Models using Sketchup and MCX


    Probably not what you are looking for.

    However, if you export your 3ds Max model to OBJ or Collada format, then you can open it in ModelConverterX and do the Resize process.

  • Hi Antoine

    To make the texture square simply resize the canvas, not the image, the canvas. This will add extra space around the image to make it what ever size you want it. However...

    The problem then arises that Max will not know where the UV mapping is so you will need to re-apply the UV mapping for each object that is included in the model. I am assuming the 3d model you are using does indeed have UV mapping. If you have no idea what I am on about then I suggest you are in a little too deep so I would recommend a step backwards. Learn to make the model yourself, learn how to apply UV mapping and how FS2 likes things setup. When using someone else's model it usual takes more time to correct things than it does to make it from scratch.

    It might seem like a kick in the what not's but trust me it will be time well spent. There is no short cut to 3D modelling, it's a steep learning curve but worth it in the end.

    Steve...yes I've been there too

  • You don't need textures to be square : just make sure this parameter is set to false in the converter config TMC file


    Use MCX to make your textures size a power of 2



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