[Resolved] ILS on MB339

  • I try to learn to fly MB339. I love this kind of old fashion jet.

    First, is there somewhere a documentation on this plane? And details of what is and what is not implemented in AFS2?

    Second I have a more specific ILS related question. I have tried to use ILS. I could choose my frequency and use the localizer. However, I could not get any glide path information. I guess that the small white triangle in the middle of the ILS gauge is supposed to provide this information, but it does not work, or I could not make it work.

    Is there something I missed? Is it a bug? Anyone has already managed to make that work?


  • Look at the left side of the attitude indicator for the glidepath guide, tune the ILS in on both cockpit boxes or you will not get the DME (minor sim flaw). You know to use the HUD flight path vector?, eg at Monterey 10 fly down at -3 degrees on the HUD and the glidepath will be very stable., some glidepaths are less, some more.

  • haltux

    Changed the title of the thread from “ILS on MB339: bug?” to “[Resolved] ILS on MB339”.
  • Thanks a lot! I get it now. I did not notice this gauge on the left of the attitude indicator. Everything is clear now.

    I could not find anything on the HUD, though. MB 339 does not display anything on its HUD about ILS, unless I missed a switch command somewhere. That makes its use a little bit more challenging. Just tried a complete approach in the fog, that was fun.

  • I meant look up the published glide slope angle and fly that angle on the HUD's flight path vector symbol. 12 at Oakland is 2.75 degrees so if you keep the FPV symbol a fraction more than half way between the horizon and -5 degrees the glide slope needle will be very steady.

    It's great that you are enjoying the nice bad weather, FS2 and 2020 still needs audio identification on the nav radios so that we can check that we are receiving the correct and working nav facility. It is an immediate fail on a test to not listen to the nav radio idents. The morse code is shown on the published approach, eg for Oakland 12 ILS you listen for .. .- .- --.. on the sophisticated navigation displays the ident is shown, for 12 OAK it is IAAZ. Other sims do this.