Broken Oculus Vr mode

  • I also use the Oculus Rift CV1. When using the latest Nvidia driver 452.06 (as recommended for MSFS) in Vulcan mode, I get a black screen in the Oculus, but a proper parallel picture on the regular monitor. This problem exists with any driver which is newer then 442.59, which is that last proper working one.

    Only switching back to openGL solves this. However this reduces the frame rate.

    This happens with the regular AFS2 version as well with alpha and beta.

    As reinstalling the Nvidea driver always takes quite a long time, I finally have to decide:

    Do I wish a smoother running MSFS or a smooth working VR in AFS2.

    A tough decision...

  • It's been like this for months. I don't understand why it's not fixed yet:(

  • Hi and welcome to the forum!

    Your program version is not the latest Aerofly FS 2 Steam Beta, please check that you start the correct version.

    It tries to load the EC135 but fails to do so. Please delete your main.mcf file to restore the default aircraft.

    Thanks for the welcome!

    When I had the beta installed I was having the same problem Tom mentioned above . The game showing on the monitor but a black headset. Then I backed down to the stable version to see if it would fix it and it only made it worse with the complete crashing on launch.

  • Yes because when you downgrade to a lower version your currently selected aircraft may no longer work. In this case you had the EC135 loaded which your older version cannot load.

    Ahh OK thanks, I went back up to the Beta now back to the black headset and monitor view. So the only way to play the Aerofly 2 in the cv1 is through Steam vr?