Load times

  • Not all the scenery but if your user scenery still uses the old system with airports in the places folder then it has to dig through all folders and find and open all tsc files and cache them. Opening hundreds of files takes very long because the operating system has to fetch them from the drive.

    With the new system we don't need to load all of the tsc files before you reach the main menu because based on the airport folder names Aerofly already knows it's location.

    But it certainly doesn't load all scenery because that would require a RAM as big as your hard drive and it would take several minutes to load.

    When you disable all user scenery how long does it load?

  • Hi Jan

    I disabled all external DLL's and user scenery and the program loads almost instantly thank you. But I really do not want to do that all the time because so much scenery is now missing not to mention any airports I might have added to make Chicago usable etc. So is there must be something somewhere that tells me how to rename airports and where to put them so that they are okay with the new version please?