• Yes, it would be very nice if someone would do that, taking a 3d model from MSFS 2020 is easy, but programming all the systems takes a lot of time and there's also copyright problem, so it probably will never happen. IPACS should do NEO engines and put Sharklets to the PC version, this is not hard to do, but it would change a lot!



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  • I think it's a suggestion for the developer team that aerosoft's A320 is very unrealistic

    Unreal? Like?

    In my view the Aerosoft A320 looks much more real with the real A320 models the other one has completely exaggerated wing thickness and unreal size parts ex: Ground Spoiler, Flap Fairing....

    But each one has your preference and I don't think it would be possible for the developer team to add that, since the model was modeled by Microsoft and it must be difficult to get a license and I don't agree to Erase the current A320, I think this arrogance.

    Take a look:



    A320 Test Pilot at Aerofly FS2!

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  • Wow, I really hadn't seen it from this angle one of the main reasons is the sound of the plane

    O: actually I expressed myself wrong is to add and not delete tks

    Well the sound on Airbus has already improved a lot, but in my opinion there is still a lot to improve, fortunately this fact doesn't need to change the model, as the sound is original from IPACS, so they can change it without the need to have a new model. I would also love to have the A320 NEO model but from Aerosoft or Flight Factor.



    A320 Test Pilot at Aerofly FS2!

    I7 8GB RAM GeForce NVIDIA 1660TI 6GB VRAM Graphics 4K .

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    Why would you like to replace the model?
    In my opinion our A320 model (which originated from the Aerosoft A320 years ago but we've done significant changes since then) is a great representation of the A320 and most proportions and shapes are 'just right' and it still represents the highest quality seen on the market (comparing default aircraft).

    Your opinion is probably affected by the shaders used in the competition's flight sim.

    We aim to achieve a more photorealistic look over time but you have to keep in mind that we want to use the same model and textures on our other platforms as well. Especially on mobile there is not enough computing power for expensive shader reflections etc.

    Sound is an entirely different story and we are also working on improving these.