• A lot of the A320 systems are simulated in great detail, for example the fly by wire, autopilot, engines, electrical system, fuel system and a lot of work has gone into the MCDU, ECAM and FWC. The real aircraft is so complex that no system can really ever be fully simulated but we're still developing this aircraft further and over time more and more systems will be added. Some of the systems that are not fully simulated yet are the hydraulics, bleed air system, pressurization and some others. I've been working on some of these so I don't want to make a full list of what isn't working because that obviously will change in the future as we make more and more progress. Keep in mind that even though the A320 may be the most complex simulation in Aerofly FS today there are also other aircraft that we pay attention to and that will receive updates over time. The goal is that all aircraft eventually share a similar system depth.



  • Please do not leave audio identification of tuned in navigation aids (including DME) from the list of missing features Jan. It is a vital element in real world piloting and is 100% essential in the Aerofly planes that lack electronic display panels.

    (Every other sim’ features it, they must have a good reason for thinking that it is important).