Aerofly FS 4

  • "It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong. I'm not a big man." - Chevy Chase (Caddy Shack)

    I was very wrong when I jumped to conclusions regarding FS4. This sim looks so much better and it has full functionality.

    Great job Jan and IPACS. I appreciate your hard work and honesty. Unlike Austin and LR. :)

  • Excited to see what you guys can accomplish. I checked out the beta briefly and was really happy to see the integration of lights. And I’ve heard there could possibly be VR tablet for navigation. Another great step forward.

    I’d love for you also to consider how to motivate FS2 addon developers to bring over all those great planes to be compatible with FS4. We should send out a petition or something for fans to sign to submit to these developers. Please consider something on this front! I’m eagerly awaiting the additional updates and hope you keep the momentum moving forward. The sim has so much potential and looks beautiful in areas that are covered by IPACS and/or community.

  • I can only add a +1 here. I have tested XP12 and the VR implementation is such a mess and one cannot fly really. The beast season and rain simulation is for nothing, if you cannot have at least VR active

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