1. I would like to start with settings for temperature and air pressure (via settings like clouds and wind),
    2. than go for the dynamic part (weather changes along the way done randomly),
    3. add real data for good measure (download METAR from real-world sources, activated via checkbox),
    4. and stop at additional weather effects like rain, snow and thunderstorms.
  • Automatic & randomized wind directions and wind forces based on selected runways. Different from departure to arrival.

    Randomized weather at departure different at arrival.

    Thunder should be easy to do (just a flash effect). But, rain… should appear in the desktop version.

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  • Plain bog standard stratus thick layer cloud with a top and bottom texture and a mildly uncertain cloud break altitude in the descent would simulate most normal northern European weather a lot better than the current mega fluffy ‘shadowed/echoed/twinned’ cumulus with pretty but not realistic wispy translucence. A solid stratus layer could give a pleasing natural cloud presence without being a vicious frame rate hog the way the current Disneyland cumulus is.