Questions about the Fokker

  • Hi!

    Can someone please help me with this two questions about the Fokker?

    1 - How can we start the plane, from a cold and dark state? I'm missing something here, because I can't find no way to start the engine...

    2 - Is it normal that, when i start in a cold and dark state, on any ramp (at least in the ones I tried), the plane starts to move backwards slowly? I thought it could be the wind, so I turned the wind and turbulence to the minimum, and the plane continues moving backwards, at the same slow speed. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a bug?

    Thanks for the help

    Nuno Felix

  • Moin,

    to your first question:

    • In the cockpit is on the left side the MAGNETOS box from BOSCH

    • the position "0" is for STOP THE ENGINE

    • the position "M1/Anlassen" is for "MAGNETOS 1" and "START THE ENGINE" (in German: "Anlassen") - it needs some seconds

    • the position "2" is for normal flight

    to your second question:

    If you start with cold%dark no brakes are set and the aircraft could roll.

    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)


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  • Hi.

    Thank you for your answer, but I'm still missing something. If I put the Magnetos in the M1 position, the propeller rotates a bit, about 30 to 40 degrees clockwise, but nothing more, even if I wait some time.

    As for the rolling, I thought about that, but the rolling should be in the direction of some inclination of the ground, but it always goes back, no matter where I start (tried several airports already).

    Also, what is this for?

    Thanks once more.

    Nuno Felix