Questions about VR

  • Hey everyone!

    This is my first post so apologies in advance for any mistakes.

    I bought Aerofly FS 4 yesterday to play in VR and I absolutely loved it, was really impressed by the plane simulation and the VR features that this game gives above all other options for flight simming.

    Anyways, I have just a few questions that I haven't been able to figure out. From my understanding, I can not access the HUD features like time skipping while in VR, and the keyboard seems to be disabled while playing (I'm not sure why or if that's intended), so I started to keybind HUD features like the Moving Map to buttons on my Joystick and so on.

    My questions are, is this the only way to access HUD features in VR, by key-binding them to the peripherals?

    Also, how can I access the Time Skip feature (To skip cruise) while in VR?

    My last question is regarding the external camera views: I would really like to be able to see the plane from the outside, and the official tutorials page includes an explanation that says to hold the menu button for a second to open some kind of HUD that allows me to cycle through the different views options. However, when I press the menu button (X on my Oculus Quest 2 left hand controller), it simply opens the main menu, so I'm not sure how to access it. (I'm referencing this page, at the bottom View Control Mode).

    Thanks!! :)

  • Hello paulieidk,

    If you press the A button on your right hand oculus controller for a second or so a transparent graphic appears showing how to get to the different view points. Pushing the left thumb stick forward allows you to go to various external views, pushing the same thumb stick right and left gets you into different sub views such as positioning yourself at the airport tower etc. The trigger on the left hand controller brings up a green coloured HUD.

    Personally, I find it a little sensitive on the controllers, it tends to jump around quite a bit, I use the keyboard to get to different views and moving around the aircraft from the outside is much smoother using the keyboard arrow keys.

  • Keyboard and all other controllers still work in VR. It is important that your Aerofly window does not loose focus - otherwise keyboard and mouse will not work anymore.

    I for one use a stick, throttle and mouse - the mouse interaction in VR works really well, and for me a real dedicated throttle and stick are more easy to interact with.

  • Thank you guys for the answers!! Thanks to you I managed to fix all the issues I mentioned and now everything is running smoothly.

    One more question that just popped up however, I was trying the 787-10 but I'm having a really hard time using the FMC in VR. The tactile system doesn't seem to work, I press on the buttons on the screen of the FMC but it doesn't really respond, or rather I have to press many times until it finally works. Maybe I'm using it wrong, any ideas? Thanks again!

  • Controlers are not needed, everything can be controlled by mouse or hardware buttons (eg. joystick).



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