Recognition lights - Learjet 45

  • Could the mobile Learjet’s runaway flap trim in manual operation be considered for a fix please?

    The Learjet 45 pitch trim has already been updated with the current Aerofly FS 2023 version and Aerofly FS 4. It now applies a fixed pitch trim offset so it should be 100% reversible regardless of the airspeed at which you extend or retract flaps. So what runaway trim issue are you referring to? Is it a new one I am not aware of yet?

  • Not working Jan, I did 3 circuits landing on full flaps and selecting flaps 8 rolling on the runway to take off again. By the 3rd landing the flap trim had run up to full nose down making control almost impossible.

    Manual mobile settings, no flight assistance or Co-pilot involvement. Manual rudder/nose wheel steering and Tilt were used (I noticed on YouTube that you used analog input with rudder disabled but that might have been just for convenience with the iPad’s presentation to the camera).

    This is the 3rd landing roll. Primary mode pitch trim. Version FS4 is not affected.

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  • The configuration trim is currently not active on the ground to avoid inadvertent changes to the takeoff pitch trim if you set the trim before extending the flaps. Normally before each takeoff the pilots are expected to compute the weight and balance and set the takeoff pitch trim accordingly. I am not sure if the configuration trim would be active in the real aircraft during a touch and go, e.g. above a certain airspeed and not depending on ground/air sensor.

    In the videos we use the default controls as much as possible, with auto trim enabled where this issue does not exist.

  • This is not an issue in PC, that must mean something?

    That brings up the old mobile dilemma, can it work well without separate manual trim and can it work well with the reverse thrust rigidly bound to the combined throttle and brakes with inevitably disconnecting autoland and autobrake?

    I could live with the restricted mobile sim automatically doing a single major configuration change re-trim on the runway. I strongly dislike in-flight autotrimming where a short duration manual power adjustment is ruined by re-trimming during that temporary power change so that with the original power restored the plane’s trim is all wrong.

    Some planes featured in the sim have manual trim, modelling manual as an option is a great sim feature, if you want it done well do it yourself😎

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