type of approach (Q23)

  • hello, I'm planning a flight from EGLL to EDDH. on the approach section I see( I23, Q23 and R23). I know the "I23" is Ils23 and "R23" is Rnav/Rnp23. Does anyone know what kind of approach the Q23 is, and if so how is this kind of approach flown. Thanks

  • I would say:

    • I for ILS
    • R for RNAV (GPS)
    • L for LOC only
    • D for DME
    • V for VOR
    • N for NDB
    • P, X, Q, B, S other approaches

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  • Olá, estou planejando um voo de EGLL para EDDH. na seção de aproximação eu vejo (I23, Q23 e R23). Eu sei que "I23" é Ils23 e "R23" é Rnav/Rnp23. Alguém sabe que tipo de abordagem é o Q23 e, em caso afirmativo, como esse tipo de abordagem é executado. Obrigado

    Probably approximation by NDB. But first check if there is an NDB station at your destination airport. You could also be inputting the NDB frequency into the plane's radio, fly over the region and check the direction of the station in the ADF to make sure the station actually works.

  • Similar to?

    Change to HOS from HAM. VOR ALF is gone (ALF is a DME only) and NDB FU is closer to the overshoot. Try 230 degrees inbound to HOS/HAM.

    For guidance to where this ALF D9.3 fix should be (ALF is a working DME !) try entering a FMC fix as HOS and 230/5 in a Boeing or HOS, 230 and 5 in the A320.

    (It is very unusual (and less safe) for the old locator NDB and the nearby VOR to share the same name and identification).

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