Non-functional Cruise

  • Não consigo definir a altitude de cruzeiro em uma rota de voo. Ele volta para 1000-2000 pés depois que eu defino a altitude.

    This depends on the aircraft chosen for the flight. If you select a small plane like the Cessna 172 and set a high altitude (above 14,000 feet) it will not be selected and it will return to the previously pre-selected altitude because this aircraft does not fly above 14,000 feet. Now if you select a large commercial jet like the 777 and set an altitude like 38,000 feet for example that altitude will be adjusted and will appear in the MCP of the aircraft since it can fly at that altitude. Altitude adjustment in the navigation menu will always depend on the type of aircraft you have chosen for the flight. For example, if you selected 40,000 feet as the cruising altitude for the Boeing 787, this altitude will be automatically adjusted both in the navigation menu and on the aircraft's dashboard. If you adjust this altitude for the Cessna 172, it will obviously go back to the maximum altitude of this aircraft, which is 14,000 feet. So, before adjusting the cruising altitude in the navigation menu, check which aircraft you have chosen to fly.

  • You know to set the altitudes on the autopilot panel? Lower levels need to be dialled in on the Boeings A/P panel before the descent leg. Random level changes need FLCH or FS button presses, look up real world actions to get a decent simulation working.