Aircraft not moving on ground since latest update

  • Hi

    I have a very strange problem since updating Aerofly FS 4 (Steam version) with the networking function.

    All the aircraft at any location (parking, runway) do not move anymore on the ground even with full power. So I cannot taxi or take off anymore (yes, the parking brake is off).

    If I choose a approach location or anywhere in the air, the airplanes move and behave absolutely correctly. Then I can also land on the ground but as soon as the aircraft stops, it will stay there and I cannot move it anymore (even with full power).

    What could be wrong here? Any ideas?



  • Ya I'm having the same issue. Parking brakes turned off aircraft won't move. Helicopters same thing. What's going on....??

    I'm not even in the Beta program and I have no network streaming option on the Aerofly home SIM screen when I open it...FS4 is ruined for now. :(

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  • The landing gear is up or down? Just asking... :/

  • It is certainly helpful to always include the technical data.

    On my MacBook Pro 2021, rolling works exactly as it should in the STEAM stream beta (20231006).

    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)


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  • Thanks for your input. Here the additional information:

    Yes, the landing gear is down and as I said the parking break is off.

    My input devices are the Thrustmaster Airbus Stick and Throttle unit and also the CH Products Pedals.

    These work perfectly with Aerofly FS 4 (and other Sims) and I can see that all the input is working correctly (including parking brake).

    As I mentioned I can fly without problem when I start in the air (like from an approach) and the devices mentioned work fine.

    When I am sitting on the runway for take off (or at the parking) all aircraft bow down a little bit when I increase throttle but they just seem to be glued to the surface and refuse to move (is for all aircraft the same).


    Yes, when I land the aircraft it seems to decelerate quite quickly even if I do not brake, but they roll out a certain distance. And also when adding throttle power after landing, there is absolutly no effect. Yes, there is no difference whether parking brakes are set or not.

    I also desabled the new networking function (main menu) again that came with the update, but that does not change anything.

    From the screenshot you can also see that there is nothing abnormal (like sinking in) on the ground.

    All my aircraft just seem to be glued to the ground as soon as I am not in the air, but when in the air everything works perfectly.

  • Before starting a flight: Move/push all buttons, move all levers of your Thrusmaster devices.

    Aerofly or Thrusmaster starts with buttons and levers in position or pushed. Using them before flying restore their normal positions.

    In my case, even after a both devices exchange, since the beginning of Aerofly FS 4 to today, I encountered at start up:

    • the view moves because a button is concidered pushed until I use it,
    • brakes on until I move the slider,
    • no reverses until I move the levers,
    • no effect to gear up until I switch it again,
    • no effect on parking brake until I switch it again,
    • etc.

    However I finished by giving up the use of rudder by rotating the sidestick. It fails, vibrates, etc. but the fault is a serial Thrustmaster default, and the YouTube tutorials about it are in fact useless.

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  • I have been using a mouse, keyboard, Xbox game controller for the longest time with no issues till yesterday when I fired up the SIM to use it. So its obviously not my controller or mouse n' keyboard. Something went " Frrrt" after this update. I cant get off the runway.

  • Thanks for the screenshot, from that I can rule out the assistance for brakes, so it is probably a controller input.

    Can you please do the following test.

    Go to the controls menu, go to input devices. Then deactivate all controllers or just unplug all of them.

    Then test if you can grab the throttle in the virtual cockpit and accelerate.

    If that works, then you probably have an inconsistent assignment for the brakes. In that case enable your devices again or plug them back in and go to the controls menu, primary flight control assignments and delete all assignments to the wheel brake. That should fix it. Then re-assign only one brake input.

    If that does not work and even without your input devices the airplane wont move then please let me know.

  • I cleared all assignments for my Xbox game controller (I use for airplanes) and Logitech 3D Pro joystick (I use for Helicopters) and reassigned everything to where I had it before, but this time, I only assigned the parking brake to the left Dpad of the controller (which also works for the UH-60). Seems to have fixed the issue (*for me*). Doing a Rome to EHAM right now (A380). Will report once I'm down and at the termanal parked 😉🥰 👍

  • Thanks FrankLFRS and Jan for your very valuable input about the input devices.

    After trying Frank's hint to move/push all levers and buttons before starting (in main menu) I suddenly managed to move on ground, however, I could not repeat this solution every time I started. But I was sure now that it must be a hardware problem that comes from the input devices.

    I went further into the matter and suddenly noticed that something with the CH Pro Pedals did not work anymore as it used to. The right brake movement does not give any input anymore in the calibration menu, and this also in other simulators (I play now mainly Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020 or sometimes Prepar3D v4). However, the issue with the right brake on the pedals must be very new as I did not notice any problems during flightsim sessions before).

    I guess my very old CH Pro Pedals have finally given up, they served me well for more than 25 years, but I think I have to buy new rudder pedals.

    I will report after installing new hardware.

    Thanks, Walter

  • Small addition to confirm the problem with the pedals.

    I disabled the CH Pro Pedals in the input devices and assigned the rudder axis to the Thrustmaster Airbus Stick (rotation of joystick) and the brakes to buttons.

    With this setup I can at least fly again with Aerofly FS 4 and also move and steer on ground till I get new hardware.