Maybe someone would like to practice making a repaint . . .

  • Hello IPACS and external developers,

    I would like to suggest a livery for an N number repaint for the Learjet45. The current Aerofly FS2 inventory does not have an American or Swiss registration for the Lear, only two Germany and one British. Yet, we have no airports or flying areas in Germany or U.K. duh.

    I have some official photos in high resolution from Bombardier showing off the Learjet45 when it was first introduced.

    I posted this over in the sister forum, but then realized many of the posters here have the SDK and someone might want to try their hand at a repaint. If so, I sure would like to see the first one out of the barn.

    If not, is there a special IPACS group or team that considers user input and suggestions for repaints? contact info?



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  • Hello,

    Oh great, it is one of my wish, as long-time repainter of FSX-planes... I would be glad to be able to do a swiss repaint (or even a swiss edited repaint from default) C172 SP, Baron and King Air C90... That would be great to fly over Switzerland DLC with swiss registrations...

    I'll send you a mail, thank you in advance, best regards from Switzerland :-)