I can not fly on new york

  • RT = Reverse Thrusters F2 Function Key near the top left of your keyboard - hold down just after solid touch down on runway. Listen for the noise, change to external view to see back of engines. Aircraft must have Reverse Thrusters for them to work.

    Go to the General Setting screen. Look at Transparency of control Elements. Wherever the shaded box is - place your mouse cursor in that box and press the left mouse key and hold it - now slide the box either left or right with your mouse and let go.

    I take it you were absent the day they taught mouse operation?



  • RT isn't a keyboard shortcut: it is short for thrust reverser. ;) Ray wasn't talking about yet another shortcut but he was still explaining how to use the RT. ;)

    I am not sure what you are asking about that transparency option... just set it to any of the settings and see if it helps...?

    O, I didn't see Ray already replied himself...;) Concerning F2: I can't check it right now but F2 is RT in FSX/P3D: are you sure it is RT in AFS2 also?

  • Ray and J van E.

    We are not understanding. Forget the "transparency options". No problem

    Regarding the reverse of the engines at the time of landing, I repeat: the funtion key "F2" don work in this game (at least on my computer). Are not you confusing with the Microsoft Flight Simulatoir FSX game?. In that game, F2, performs that function.

    I have among others, that game (in all its versions) for more than 20 years, therefore, I know what is the reverse (braking of the plane with the engine itself). Attached image upload of Microsoft F.S. With the engine in braking action (reverse).

    I repeat: on my computer, "F2" does not work, and I do not think it is due to some configuration error on the computer.


  • Ray and J van E.

    I was wrong in what I explained in my last communication regarding the "F2" function with reverse action of the motors. F2 did not activate the reverse because it was not configured. The game of Microsoft, was configured by default, and I assumed that in this game, would also come by default, and I was wrong. I apologize for my last publication. I have configured it and, of course, it works correctly.

    I apologize to you, and thank you very much for your efforts.

  • Assign reverse and spoilers and flaps and airbrakes etc to any switches or buttons that are free on your joystick or other hardware. I land a jet and can hold down say switch 6 for spoilers and switch 8 for reverse thrust remembering switch 0 for brakes, at 60 knots release switch 8 which is near the centre [throttle quadrant like :) ]. People assign their own keyboard presses so it is best not to get too dogmatic about what a particulat key does.

  • I want to ask you this favor, Overloaded:

    I have the power of the motors assigned to the joystic lever, and I wanted to assign it also, (and simultaneously), to two keyboard keys: one to increase power and the other to decrease. With this situation, the right hand would control the plane, and with the left, the power needed to land. In this way, I find the landing easier.
    I've been trying, but I can not do it.

    Two questions I ask you:

    1º) .- Is this possible?
    2º) .- If so, can you explain sequentially, how is it done?



  • For Overloaded

    Excuse me, for not answering your last communication. Completely agree with everything you express there. I assume that each person will assign each piloting function to the key or button that is more ergonómic and comfortable. I will continue to use F2, for the reverse, since I have been doing it for years with the Microsoft game and I find it very comfortable.

    Once again, and because of the many help you have given me, thank you very much

  • I think a slider assignment will over-ride a key or button input, you need one method, both will not work. The sliders are the wide boxes like those for pitch and roll. I have two throttle sliders but use only one for the throttle and the other is for the piston engine propellor speed control, the blue lever between the black and the red in the Beech Baron.

  • Again with you, Overloaded; (Well, I do not exclude anyone who wants to answer me):

    In my previous communications, I asked about the possibility of controlling the power of the motors SIMULTANEOUSLY, either with the joystick lever, or with two keys (one to increase power and one to decrease it).

    What I wanted to ask you, was not simultaneously, but ALTERNATIVELY; That was precisely my question. Naturally, I suppose it will not be possible either.

    Well, that question made it because if possible, I would be more comfortable piloting, especially in the landings. Also, as I suppose you know, Microsoft's game had exactly those possibilities: power with the joystick lever, and, ALTERNATIVELY, with the keys, F1 to F4 (both inclusive).


  • Another questions:

    I have a PC, whose basic characteristics are these:

    Processor AMD Phenom II X4 965- 3.4 Ghz.
    Motherboard Asus M5-A78LM-LX
    Memory Ram Kingston 8Gb. DDR3
    Seagate 1 TB Hard Drive
    Graphics ATi Radeon 7750 with 2Gb.
    Monitor LG or Samsung HD Led 22 "
    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

    Currently, with monitor vision, the operation of Aerofly FS-2 is reasonably good. I want to go to VR, well, with Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive.
    In your opinion, can this PC that I have described give me a reasonably good vision in VR, or not? If not, which components do you suggest I replace?

  • Everything! :p
    This cucumber won't run the Rift or the Vive. :o
    I had an AMD 290X card and upgraded it to Nvidia GTX 1080 and it's still not enough!
    I'm currently using an Intel i5-4670K CPU overclocked to 4.3 GHz but am planing to upgrade this too.
    And make sure you use Windows 10 with your new PC!

  • Thanks "k4stn", your information (the link you have provided me) is frankly valuable, it is extraordinary because of the information provided by Oculus. I find that link very useful.

    Thanks to that link and after the verification that the program has made of my PC, it indicates to me, that are insufficient, both the processor and the graphics card, something that I already assumed. According to that test of Oculus analyzing my PC, the rest of the components are enough to see correctly, VR.

    Thanks to you also "jk1895", I appreciate your point of view too, but I'm sure you exaggerate. I have read many opinions provided in the forum our colleagues and, none has claimed for example that the GTX 1080 graphics card is not powerful enough. From the result of the verification described in the previous paragraph, by the program of Oculus, it would only need to replace the processed and the graphic card. Do not you agree, "jk1895"?

    I repeat, both thank you very much for your opinions and points of view.


  • I should have mentioned that I'm a Pixel Override 2.0 fan. (not recommended by IPACS!) For that is even a GTX 1080 to weak if you want higher in game setting.
    Back then, my absolutely first thought was after putting the Rift on "The sharpness is not enough!" With Pixel Override 2.0 the image quality is way better but still not perfect (can't wait for CV2).
    A GTX 1070 is a good card for standard running a Rift or Vive and much cheaper than a GTX 1080.
    Your CPU should be at least an Intel Haswell. But I would wait till AMDs Ryzen arrives. And don't forget Windows 10. For VR is Windows 7 no option. But I forgot why exactly. :o Oculus recommends Windows 10 anyway.

  • @Delfin: Your current computer configuration is NOT suitable for running Aerofly in VR mode. Keep in mind that besides a fast 3D card you also need two high speed USB 3.0 connections. So to run VR you basically need a complete new PC.

    VR works fine on Windows 7 or higher, our tests show no issues with Windows 7.

  • For "jk1895"

    I've almost always used AMD components and I plan to continue to do so. Now for VR, (and after receiving your two communications), I was thinking of an FX 8350 (4 Ghz.) Processor and Radeon 480, 8 GB graphics card. What do you think of these components?

    You said wait for the "AMD Ryzen" to arrive; I do not follow excessively the development of these components, and from your observation, I deduce that, is not there currently AMD Ryzen ?. If it does not exist, do you have any forecast of its appearance in the market ?. What is special about this AMD Ryzen processor?

    Again, thanks for your comments Again, thanks for your comments.

  • Ryzen should be released at the end of this month. Buying now an AMD CPU is not very wise. Definitely wait until Ryzen. The Radeon 480 is a good card but AMD had this problem with not being able to support the time and space warp things (Rift). I don't know if this is still not implemented for AMD cards. What Vive uses I don't know and if there are any problems with AMD cards.
    As hard as it is, for VR is an Intel + Nvidia combination the best at the moment. For example your mentioned AMD CPU is weaker and more expensive than Intels i3-7100. So this is not a good choice. Even the i3 is not enough I think. Wait for Ryzen or buy an actual Intel i5 and the 480.

  • @Delfin: Your current computer configuration is NOT suitable for running Aerofly in VR mode. Keep in mind that besides a fast 3D card you also need two high speed USB 3.0 connections. So to run VR you basically need a complete new PC.

    VR works fine on Windows 7 or higher, our tests show no issues with Windows 7.

    Thank you very much "IPACS Support". Frankly, this time I did not expect an answer from you, let alone claiming that VR works well on Windows 7. I thank you most especially for this last statement, because I am in love with these W.7, and in principle, I would not want to say goodbye to that O.S.

    At the moment and against all that the official estates affirm, it seems that there are certain doubts about the "W.10", that do not work at all well. Some time ago, they tried to move me from W.7 to W.8. I refused because I was not completely sure of those windows, but I was pretty sure that the W 7 worked wonderfully. Time was right. Now, something like W.10 could happen.

    I may or may not, trust some colleagues, who sometimes make more or less bold statements and without the necessary verifications, (I may have also done them sometime), but in you (IPACS Support), I trust completely, because you have the tools, experience, and above all, the ability to prove what you claim.

    Everything that I have been told from the beginning, (which I had certain problems to start playing), has been rigorously true, and that proves without error, what I described in the previous paragraph.

    My current PC, was built 3 years ago by a professional. I want to transform it into a new PC, and with the minimum expense, to have the best benefits. These were the changes I wanted to make:

    1º) -Processor AMD FX 8350, 4 Mhz.
    2) Graphics Card AMD Radeon RX 480, 8 GB.
    3) - Two high speed USB 3.0 connections.

    I ask your opinion: is it enough, or do you advise me something different?

    I repeat: I am very, very grateful for all your clarification

    Kind regards,

  • Please forget this processor. It is old, expensive, slow and a power wasting CPU for 2017.
    With W10 is absolutely NOTHING wrong. It's basically W7 but newer, faster and with new features like DX12. W8 was crap, that's right...

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  • Bite the bullet and get intel and nvidea, if you have recent peripherals consider an upgrade bundle from a computer parts supplier. They can provide compatible motherboards, processors, memory and other components for you to assemble. My last 'new PC' was from 1998. You can even get Windows 10 cheaply from Asian suppliers. You would need to be comfortable with a screwdriver and would need to sort out any minor problems yourself. An online search will give you information.