Screenshots of USGS User created Scenery - Mississippi USA

  • Well, I failed to find the Screenshots thread but, this was so neat that I decided to create one. A moderator can move this to a better location later.

    This is in the backwoods of North Central Mississippi at my hometown airport. KMPE Philadelphia Muni, is a single 5,000 runway with a Citation and 2 Kings Airs hangared here. This is actually one of the Orbx Global airports so it might be recognized by some.

    With a lot of hand holding by Rodeo, and using the USGS Tutorial on our wiki site, this is four TIF files crunched with the new GeoConverter. As most of the successful scenery makers will tell you, once you make it to the end and fly over your house, your girlfriends house, or land at your local airport, you will be hooked.

    This scenery is by far a higher resolution and just looks better than anything I have ever seen in my previous life at a reviewer. It might wear off in a few days, but for now, I am eager to make an even larger scenery area. It is a bit tedious copying file after file of coordinate data but it is certainly easy enough.

    Take a look at KMPE, in the sticks of Mississippi. It has never looked so good. Thanks everyone that built and tested the scenery maker, especially Jeff and Rodeo. More thanks to Dave W. for his post of how easy it is to add an airport to the NAV screen and to all those brave souls that walked on the ice over the weekend to find the cracks and break-in the GeoConverter and provided the encouragement for me to give it a try.



  • How does the runway look at touchdown?


    Looks like the runway picture taken from space - fuzzy but firm. I can read the numbers easy enough, but a fresh sharp overlay would be wonderful.



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