Looking for a reader to use in VR

  • I just wanted to do the Dash tutorial but I just can't stand doing it in 2D... It's cumbersome and hard to do without VR imho. But I just can't get it done in 3D because of limitations (having to put the Rift on and off after every line of text is a no go). I asked about this before but I was wondering: does anyone know about a utility or program that enables me to read a pdf (or site) while within the Aerofly FS 2 VR world? Preferably one that doesn't hurt performance? Without such a utility the Dash will stay parked which is a shame.

  • Hello I tried ovrdrop. 15 dollars on steam.

    Could not get it to work for me however. It is supposed to do what you ask. Could not get pdf on the little screen. You could give this a try. If it does not work for you a refund is possible on steam

  • IPACS - any chance of an update on where something like this is listed in your development pipeline? I'd really like a built in in-cockpit reader. Ovrdrop is a real pain to use. Controller input to the panel passes through so i accidentally click cockpit buttons, and you need to run in steam mode, which loses FPS.

    Pretty please....