• Hi,

    I would love to practice some VOR approaches and I was wondering if this is something I can already do with AF2. I really like how fast and easy is to place the place in a spot on the map so I can repeat the procedure as many times I need very quickly.


  • Well, it's a bit more complicated than that.

    I think GameAddict already knows how it works but wonders if you can set up a VOR approach in AFS2. You can. I just finished a flight in the Cessna where I flew to M90 using VOR triangulation and it was spot on. (For the USA I use http://www.airnav.com to find out which VORs I should use, which radials to look at and what the distances to the airport are. In this case I fount the info here: http://www.airnav.com/airport/M90 and I used PXN, radial 66, distance 19.8, and HYP, radial 162, distance 27.7) to get to my destination and sure enough, both needles were centered and the DME showed the correct distance as soon as I flew over M90 (which I only actually could see when I was nearby because it was dawn and the airport didn't have huge lights like in some other sims).)

    I have to add: thanks for reminding me of this!!! I didn't do this before in AFS2: I mainly simply followed the flightplan on the GPS... I totally forgot how much fun flying with VORs only is, specially towards an airport that doesn't have a VOR on it. (And without creating a plan in AFS2 itself so the GPS screen won't spoil the fun by showing the plan.)

    BTW I just LOVE how the VOR gauges turn with single degrees and not in huge steps like in other sims where it was impossible to set the correct radial unless you had popups enabled. This way you can set the desired radials very easily and you exactly end up where you want to.

    Anyway, thanks again for reminding me of this: I am going to have a lot of fun the coming days with this! Flying with VORs only is so much more fun than flying with GPS and a flightplan before your nose. Flying with VOR requires attention, thought, etc. and it keeps you busy.

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  • As you said, it's fun and having the runway in sight when dropping out of the clouds at the minimum is a really satisfying experience.

    Yes, and that's why the priority for AFS2 should be a weather engine and not ATC or anything else. 8)