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    Which airport Kenneth? I did some tests and saw these new objects, so I'll check your airport.

    TomSimMuc - I'm going to add the whole lot of the xrefs including the new construction kit buildings but first I want to make the navigator a bit easier to use.

    Hi Phil

    I just wonder if I am missing the library of objects somewhere along the line. Clearly they are showing inside FsC, as I added them into the airport itself. But not displaying in AFS2.


    Hi Phil

    I tried adding a couple of new objects, (fuel box and SUV) but they are not showing up in the sim. Are these new objects already part of your downloadable xref collection or are you still adding them?

    - Kenneth

    Work continues in bringing Oahu to life for AFS2. So, here are a few more preview shots. And a question... Where will you land the Lynx?

    28. How about on the deck of a carrier beside Ford Island?

    29. Or high on a hillside beside radar facilities?

    30. Beside other helicopters on a military base?

    31. Or where you can watch the paratroopers descending?

    32. You could always relax with a view of the hills

    33. Or test your skills on a city skyscraper landing pad!

    No matter where you look in this incredible FREE scenery (still in development), there's plenty to see, especially from the R22 or the new Lynx Mk7.

    - Kenneth


    You sure know how to pick hard projects! I believe there are a few Osprey based at RAF Mildenhall, so when you do get it done, it will be something else to fly through the Mach Loop. (See video below). But, if you feel like tackling something simpler, just to relax your over-taxed rotary mind (LOL)... The Chipmunk.. Yeah, I know, I'm obsessed with that one. I just wish we had 20 people in the community with your knowledge and ability. We would really see the available aircraft growing in numbers. Back to your Lynx... I sat in it. That's all so far, I can hardly fly the R22, let alone the tackle your complex machine yet. BUT it looks great. Well done. And btw, I cannot for the life in me get your F-104 to show up in the sim. Keeps bouncing me back to the Cessna. I tried the "latest" files too.

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    - Kenneth

    Took a quick look at the manual.... I know I'm gonna' crash.. I known I'm gonna' crash. You may need to make a "how to fly" video tutorial for Cessna and Piper drivers like me!

    Great work my friend. And thank you IPACS for finally getting there!

    - Kenneth

    Hello Jeff

    An example.. Using IZ0JUB's recent Florida Tampa, and Jetjockey10's fsCloudport airport of KPIE (St Pete Clearwater).

    Take off from St Pete Rwy 36. Climb to 1500ft, and fly on a heading of approx 290. Set visibility so you can clearly see the coast ahead of you. Watch as the invisible high rise buildings on the coast slowly materialize into view.

    I saw the same in Miami. And we were having it with cultivated buildings on Honolulu on the Oahu project, until the city cultivation was replaced by a 3d model.



    There is tremendous potential for AFS2 to hit the new simmer market. Maybe that explains the mobile versions. Out of curiosity, IPACS what percentage of Aerofly sales come from desktop versus mobile? Is one platform a clear winner for you over the other?

    have you considered creating an affiliate program where we users can promote the products for a small commission?



    Did you change something over the last few months in the way distant cultivation appears? In my article at, I praised the program for not having autogen that pops in as you get closer, (comparing it with the infamous popping in as exhibited in FSX). But, recently I notice transparent buildings in AFS2. Get closer and they become solid, fly away and they disappear. I do not remember noticing this before. Did something change? And if so, can the change be reversed as it is not very appealing.

    - Kenneth

    Isn’t it the 930 in the upcoming Microsoft release too? The real solution is to find a way to help other designers more easily create quality aircraft for AFS2. Or to get more people to liaise with third party companies to port their versions from other sims to AFS2. IPACS does not have the manpower to design a fleet of new aircraft, but they did not bring us the four JustFlight aircraft. Someone else did that. If more people knew how, and IPACS forged the business relationships, we might see more aircraft coming to the platform.

    Very interesting read. And, sadly, it confirms what we already know about the market share and user base of AFS2. Can we really blame ORBX for their decision to all but abandon us? Or get annoyed when other companies won't even consider us? If you are a hobbyist, AFS2 is fantastic. If you are a business out there to make a profit, then as we used to sale in sales... "Next."

    This is not a judgement call on the quality of AFS2, it is a market reality. Thank god for the third party hobbyists now expanding the AFS2 world. Now, if we could just clone Sylvain and Larry Lynx about 100 times to get the aircraft manufacturing as buoyant as the scenery production.

    - Kenneth

    Not sure about the three scenarios. JF have been known to re-use the existing documentation from other sim versions before modifying it for the limitations of AFS2. And please note, unlike the four JF aircraft we already have, this one is not apparently made by their internal design team.

    So, given that fact, a critical word to the designing company Propair. Please put a pilot in the AFS2 version. There is no excuse in this day and age for any flight sim manufacturer to produce a model with an empty cockpit in flight. That is going back to the Stone Age in FlightSim terms! It makes a model look incomplete, and it does nothing for a company’s image or credibility.

    Thank you. You have expressed exactly what I was trying to get at. However, since I had not done any geoconversion for a while, I had forgotten the terms. Yes, we need to be able to create a level prior to 9. Or the program needs to have the ability to push out the distance that level 9 is still visible, before kicking in the lower numbers.

    What is an island without ships? - Some are static, others are animated.

    23. The carriers are land-able. (But, this was a fly-by for those who think I'm too low)

    24. Navy Replenishment Oilers. (And this is your first look at Ford Island by the way.. More detail still being added there)

    25. Tankers...

    26. Cruise anyone?

    27. Now this is just beautiful..

    As I said before, There's still more to come and more to show...

    - Kenneth