Aerosoft will release Helgoland Duene for FS2

  • Had to look that up. It's an island in the north of Germany.

    I guess everyone is waiting for their local scenery to be released... Or using geoconvert to get a basic version of it.

  • Hi,

    it's only a small island in the North Sea. But it is great to read that an aerofly version will be available.

    Find a sample of screenshots here: Flusinews Helgoland

    This is an original approach over the sand dunes:

    Pass a whole gang of sea gulls during departure:

  • I guess we need a German Scenery next ;) Maybe there will come more german Scenerys from Aerosoft.

    Well, knowing that Aerosoft already publishes a 1m/pixel photo scenery for Germany with autogen for FSX/P3D, if they're still dealing with the original creator they could quite easily release it for AFS2 once the concept for cultivation is fixed and the tools available.

    The colors would deserve some rework and the lack of water textures means a workaround solution must be found, but the heaviest part of the preparation job is done and available to them.

    Airports will request some conversion job too.

    Let's just hope...



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