Aerofly FS 2 aircrafts – What we have and maybe; what could be added?

  • Currently, I only use my ‘spare time’ on three simulators…

    (1) DCS World: Nevada + L-39 / Hawk T1A / Mirage 2K (no ‘pew pew’… just completing a flight pan, created by me)

    (2) X-Plane 11: ‘Orthos’ from Portugal + Açores + Madeira + Spain + ASK 21 / KA C90 / SR-71 (flying around the ‘Península Ibérica’)

    (3) Aerofly FS 2: Switzerland + California + ASG 29 / KA C90 / MB-339 (‘discovering’ Switzerland and California’s beautiful landscapes)

    IPACS has given us already, some great scenery… Orbx looks like is only interested, mainly on airports…

    *Don’t get me wrong; I have Orbx’s Innsbruck. It is just superb but, I’m more interested on scenery; some world areas do discover. The ‘New Zealand’ project if done, will be a must have!

    IPACS’s aerofly FS 2 already has a great aircraft selection… looks like they have been ‘handpicked’ - 'la crème de la crème'… a great selection…

    Well, here is a small number of what I would love to fly too on aFS2…


    Duo Discus XLT (the two seaters workhorse glider, to learn the ‘job’)

    Arcus E (the all new two seaters glider, cross country ‘green’ glider)


    Virgin Galactic (when you want to go high, very high; to look ‘Earth’ from above)

    Solar Impulse 1/2 (the ‘all around’ the world, from your computer project)


    Hawk T2 (the British elegance comes in black)

    Alpha-Jet E/ATS (no presentation needed)

    *Here is my current selection. There are more, muck more, of course! If interested; fell free to share some of your most beloved aircrafts, you would like to ‘see/drive’ on aFS2…

    Kind regards to all,


    Kind regards to all,


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  • I'm a GA and gider guy. No need for airliners. That's also where I think AFS2 can make the biggest difference. Be the best VFR sim by far.

    Plane-wise, i'd really like a Shark.Aero shark. That thing rocks. And a simple LS6 and LS8. Maybe ASK21, And one of my all time favourites, a Saab Safir (D-model)

  • I'm like Antigoon, very much a GA flyer searching out those airport/fields etc in the back country. As for planes I prefer anything old, preferably single prop. Haven't tried gliding yet but that's my next objective. The more Orbx scenery the better.


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  • How about improving the aerodynamic feel of what we already have? My most favourable and earliest impression of old iOS mobile FS was of how natural and dynamic-speeding-airborne-aeroplane like Aerofly really was.

    There were some early turkeys like the initial FS2 Corsair but IPACS really got stuck in there and eliminated the flaws and gave us a magnificent convincing flight model. The current Corsair is sweet and is even better than that in FS. Mobile FS of course benefited from years of maturing development in the original PC version.

    The current FS2 P-38 is clearly not satisfactory, it could never be landed with the throttle closed, the mobile A 380 has monumental adverse yaw and for an undisclosed reason has not migrated into PC.

    The core Aerofly simulator's outstanding flying quality remains truely essential and more work on improving the authentic feel of this wonderful simulator can only further seperate it from the more archaic and pretentious competitors.

    The excellent recent post on fine tuning the aircraft feel in the hold off and flare is an example of what might possibly be really more productive than largely focusing on the introverted unauthentic game-mode navigation feature.

  • I mostly fly the ASG29, which is very real to the feel. (not having actually flown the 29, but have been in performance gliders) I think it feels better than any FSX plane i've flown in the past.

    What you are referring to, Overloaded, sounds more like plane-modelling than flight dynamics modelling.

  • ...and more work on improving the authentic feel of this wonderful simulator...

    Can you give us an example of what authentic feel means to you? There is only so much we can do with the current joysticks on the market with static spring attachment points. This will probably never feel realistic. I get that the P38 should be easier to land, back in the days where I set it up I looked at pilot records of the real world flying characteristics and their huge flap nose down tendency. Maybe I shouldn't do that anymore and just program what feels easier?

    The A380 had some issues regarding the yaw damper, this is now fixed with the recent changes to the yaw damper and it turns better now. Of course the A380 still has to undergo a large number of changes to get up to date but it is manageable. The thing is that if we do a PC version we'd probably have to add a lot more system pages which all take a bit more time. Or we add them later, we haven't decided this quite yet.

    ...What you are referring to, Overloaded, sounds more like plane-modelling than flight dynamics modelling.

    That is correct, most issues from an unprecise set-up of the aircraft and has nothing to do with the underlying physics engine. But some effects can't be recreated with the current parameters so that we either need to introduce new parameters to the flight model which we could tweek or we might need to alter a bit of core in the actual aerodynamic objects to achieve certain effects or correct them.



  • Maybe I shouldn't do that anymore and just program what feels easier?

    No, do not, "program what feels easier". Go for what is as realistic as possible. If the P-38 had huge flap-nose-down issues, that's what it should have in the sim. If what's easier becomes the standard, AFS 2 will go from being a simulator to being an airplane game.

    If we ever get a Tiger Moth for this simulator, I want a heaping helping of adverse yaw!

    The way you chose is the right way. Keep up the good work, and don't cave in to whining about anything being too hard. This is a simulator. And its sim pilots must learn the individual aircraft's quirks and how to fly them successfully, or drill a smoking hole in the virtual ground.


    I was saying make what is already exceptionally good better, there are little authenticity tweaks possible in loads of places like making gusting side winds rock the plane significantly (ON THE GROUND) unless the correct wind direction aileron movement is applied.

    Some unfortunate effects might have been fixed in PC, I haven't reinstalled it yet but the self cancelling rudder action in mobile is definitely worth removing. It mucks up flying rudder control presumably to give easier take off/landing roll nose wheel steering, can these actions be seperated?, that is dampen nose wheel rotation without hitting the aerodynamic rudder simulator control. Some Cessna nose gear is rotated via springs so rudder application does not bear directly on the semi castoring nose wheel.

    Re the P-38, it is good to feature adverse handling flaws but I was never aware that the nose could not be held up, wings level below 120 mph, with the throttles closed. That would be a fatal flaw which the USAAF would never accept. It would mean that a crash would be almost certain from a glide approach. The only way I could get a half reasonable landing near 90 mph was to leave on at least 34% power with half flap. The problem persists even without flap. It goes out of control, flaps-up at 110mph with 34% power on, if it is held in a 30 degree bank. The elevator cannot hold the nose up and aileron control is completely lost, the only bank recovery is full opposite rudder which looses more speed or the use of the magic plus 500 feet button.

    The plane also bounces like a tail dragger if a main gear only contact is achieved (it requires a 85-90 mph touch down) it launches upwards with the nose wheel stationary and with the main wheels spinning. Is there a 'sim contact box sense' adjustment required here? I know that this effect can happen in real life with a very rear Centre of Gravity at a very high nose up attitude (putting the C.O.G. behind the rotated forward wheels) but the low vertical stabilisers prevent that in a P-38. Full flap gives a more nose down attitude which would make this worse.

    The elevator problem is not unlike the very initial iOS FS2 Corsair, it simply had insufficient elevator authority at low speeds. The aileron authority also seems to run out inside the flying envelope, it cannot effectively correct roll excursions below 100 mph.

    I am trying 100% to be helpful. Torsten said in the past that some of my comments were useful.

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  • These are the kind of things that need to be noted, reported, and addressed. It's early on in the life of this sim, and that makes all of us more or less test pilots. If we let the developers know when something isn't quite right, they can tweak it and we get a better sim for our efforts. Maximum realism should always be the goal. :)

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  • I would really enjoy a 100hp trike like the Evo (RL trike). It has all the electronic conveniences of modern GA aircraft, trim control, etc... with a view that is unmatched for VFR flying. I'm sure I'm a minority in this desire but one can dream, lol. I'll take this opportunity to thank the developers for a truly wonderful experience. I've been simming for approximately 10 years. I was never one to get as far with it as others secondary to not being able to tweak the computer as one had to earlier. I have enjoyed AF2 very much, not having to tweak anything!! I see all the request for new and more advanced implementation into the sim, I for one remember just last year when this kind of simming with an oculus rift was an afterthought for me. I appreciate what you have brought to me.

    Kind regards