when in outside view all I see is panel with holes but no gauges (buecker and c172) see attachments

  • Performance maybe, but not good visually. Can you at least add a simple, even low-resolution static image that covers these holes? It is even worse in the Cessna where you see the open sky through them. For a simulator with glorious visuals, this is an ugly distraction that detracts from the overall look of the product.

    - Kenneth

  • No. All my settings are on Ultra. When I press F6 and look inside I see only AH. Other gaus are missing.

    First make sure that you have the latest graphics card drivers installed, if that doesn't fix your problem then delete the 'main.mcf' file located in your documents\Aerofly FS 2 folder. In doing this you will need to reconfigure the graphics settings but everything else will remain.

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  • There is something I have wondered about here. When I first started using AFS2 back in early October, 2017, I remember being absolutely wowed by the visuals. I recall there being nothing that caused me to do a double take.

    It was considerably later that I noticed that I could see the sky through the instrument panel when viewing the Cessna in outside views.

    The other anomaly is the terrible flickering of scenery pixels at a given distance. (A well reported issue) and I only use 2d monitors, not VR.

    Here's the point.

    Either I was so blown away at the beginning that I never noticed these anomalies, (only noticing them as the AFS2 novelty wore off), OR something changed with an update to the program. The computer is the same, the drivers are the same.

    If it is the former, then I take personal responsibility for nor perceiving these anomalies at the start. However, if it is the latter, then are we to assume that every time IPACS changes the program, the end user must take responsibility for making changes to their computer, whether changing drivers, updating config files, or whatever? At some point that's going to be a pain, and in my case there are no new drivers for my old system.

    - Kenneth

  • Aerofly can only perform at its best when it can use the hardware to its full potential and that means updating graphics card drivers every now and then or at least when you start noticing issues.

    The flickering was reported some time ago, that is correct. As we mentioned before there are multiple reasons for why flickering occurs and I'm not going to go into detail again but I think you should be able to find it in the forums still.

    Some potential flickering may be caused by the newly added buildings at great distance, those are new to the scenery which may be why you haven't seen that before. Basically the graphics card struggles to put the edge of each building into a precise pixel location and due to the current limitation to floating numbers the results aren't very accurate at great distances. So the pixels flicker back and forth and buildings are sometimes closer and sometimes further away. We really have to get creative to make that hardware issue go away, or just wait for double floating point precision which would make it a lot easier.

    If you are using a render scale factor in VR I think (not sure) the far distant textures may have too much resolution and mip-mapping isn't as effective as it could be but that is just a thesis. I don't have any VR goggles to test it. Maybe Torsten knows more?