• No. Afaik only the Cessna can be brought into a cold dark state: starting with cold and dark right away isn’t possible (yet). The only other plane that you can start yourself is the Q400 but it can’t be set to cold and dark, only to engines off.

  • in the Bucker, pull the magnetos lever full down by your left knee (labelled M1 & M2) and pull the mixture. Since, I think, the magnetos are the only electric thing in that plane, it will go cold and dark. The prop will stop spinning. To restart it, turn the magnetos back on, and click the green knob by your right knee.

    The Q400 will go cold, too. Set the prop to "cutoff" and the props will stop spinning, too. You can restart them in the overhead panel, but you have to start each engine individually. Put the prop back to the non-cutoff setting. I cant remember what the switch is labelled, but flip it to engine 1 and press the little button to the left. Wait 20 seconds. Then switch it to 2, and press the button again.

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  • Would be Nice to have C172 in Cold And dark condition as defauld. Like in real world. Aircraft is Parked and everything is switched off. Is possible to add this as a option in start menu? I will be very Happy with this small step to realism in amazing AFFS2 VR! Nice sunday to everyone :+)

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