Animation Support Request

  • Hello admin,

    I would like to pep up my own airports with animated objects. There are several examples existing, where they already appear:

    IPACS: Jason & Jeniffer

    ORBX: Trains, persons and baggage lorries

    Aerosoft: Windmills

    Could you please give some help on this, i.e. a short tutorial how to design those?

    Maybe you can derive it from the instructions you gave to ORBX and Aerosoft?

    Thank you in advance,


  • In that case, you can use the internal 3D Studio Max animation features. Once a 3D Max file has those animations and you export the file, you will see a TMA file. This TMA file then needs to be referenced in the TSC file, its best to have a look at the existing places so you can see this.

  • You folks will get all the help you need, just ask :), Orbx hasn't also done it.

    The main reason for not making it public in the Wiki yet is, that we would like to reserve the right to change this in the future and we don't want too many developers get used to something that will eventually change.

  • 3D Studio is unavailable for most of the community. Wouldn't it be possible to have a standalone model importer accepting open-format industry standard file types (object+animation) and not just application-specific exporters?

    I hate pointing fingers on Blender, but for someone new to AC3D (and has any Blender background) there's no reason to pick it at 150 USD.

    Best Regards


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  • Hello Admin,

    thank you for offering help.

    I took the example bouncing_ball_03 from the Autodesk 3ds/scenes/animation/auto_key folder.

    Exported it sucessfully

    and converted the resulting .tgi file with this tsc

    and the standard content_converter_config.tmc

    The result is a bouncing_ball3.tmb not tma. It is shown correctly in the scenery but there is no animation.

    Can you see the fault or give me a working example code?

    I know I need a .tma and .tmb in a folder called animation.

    Thank you,