• Hello Alex,

    In order to better help you should provide more details. What is your configuration, which scenery is giving problem, what do you see exactly, did you also follow the general recommendations for graphic card settings and so ?


    HP Spectre X360 15bl100xx

    i7-8550U / 16 GB SDRAM DDR4-2400 / SSD PCIe NVMe M.2 512 GB

    NVIDIA GeForce MX150 2GB

    Samsung LC32H711QEUXEN 32" Curved Monitor

    TrackIR PRO

  • The mobile version has been .... frozen ..... in development for so long that new SOC controllers might not be compatible, the Android version is especially overdue an update. I have the impression that the current mobile software will not be developed any further and any new mobile update will be based significantly on the PC work.

    There are posts in the FB fan group pages of new high performance phones giving major graphics glitches. I used to forward those posts in here but I couldn't be bothered anymore for obvious reasons, I suggested that the fan group people involved should join the mobile forum here and see if they get any attention.

  • My iPad 10.5 pro gives no problems. I have a now old beta in Android, it does not have working autopilot routes which I don't care about in the least but it has dimmed PAPIS which are excellent, it is much better with the visibility turned way down.

    A cut down New York area scenery would be a good mobile add on, device storage has increased since they last finished any work on mobile.

    I presume most PC users have mobile devices, I wonder why there is no longer any interest in this section?