Cultivation Software Question

  • For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the software that was on offer for around 6 dollars that made cultivation for FS 2.

    It seemed a lot easier than struggling to use ScenProc although I maybe wrong here?

    If anyone can help thanks in advance.

    Kindest Regards to all,


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  • Hi

    Yep I have used this. It's not quite right. Still needs work done. It also doesn't sit on the ground if it's not flat underneath.

    And if you are struggling to use the OSM/Aeroscenery/TMC work process , you will struggle with OSM/Blender/Model/Skectchup/ModelconverterX/TMC/

  • That's the boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, anyone out there used this please?

    At the moment, it's not an ideal solution for Aerofly. With it being a Blender plugin, you have to export from Blender to something that Model Converter X can convert into a TGI file. Although the premium version of BlenderOSM displays textures, I don't think they survive the multiple export and import process well.

    As someone else said, BlenderOSM assumes that the area is completely flat. This wont be the case so you'll have buildings floating in mid air.

    Make no mistake, custom models created from OSM data (or other data) are the way forward for scenery in towns and cities.

    Building cultivation is really best suited to residential areas.

    OrbX's TrueEarth series uses code based on World2XP, which they acquired the rights to. It does a similar thing as BlenderOSM but tailored to XP.

    Ideally Aerofly needs a free or open source version of the same thing. World2AF if you like. Without it, user created scenery is always going to be much more basic than commercial (OrbX) scenery.

    I'd love to have the time to write this, but unfortunately free time isn't plentiful for me right now. Maybe at some point next year.